Zocdoc Launches its First-Ever Public API Platform: Zocdoc for Developers


What You Should Know:

Zocdocthe leading healthcare marketplace that makes it easy for people to find and book in-person or virtual care across +200 specialties and + 12k insurance plans, announced the launch of Zocdoc for DevelopersZocdoc’s first-ever public API platform

The new public API expands Zocdoc’s unique interoperability capabilities beyond its Marketplace, positioning Zocdoc as the default infrastructure for digitizing the nation’s patient flow

Zocdoc Syncs

With a mission to give power to the patient, Zocdoc’s platform delivers the accessible and simple experience they expect and deserve. The first set of features made possible by Zocdoc for Developers will leverage Zocdoc Syncsand allows providers to seamlessly integrate their back-end scheduling software with Zocdoc’s technology to surface their real-time appointment availability and facilitate instant, online booking. The patented, flexible technology serves as a central point of connection between hundreds of disparate EHR and PMS systems used by providers of all specialties, sizes, and networks. After successfully powering tens of millions of transactions, this proven technology is poised to unlock and accelerate innovation from third-party developers, making healthcare work better.

“In an unnecessarily fragmented healthcare industry, Zocdoc has always served as a unifier,” said Oliver Kharraz, MD, Zocdoc founder and CEO. “I am proud to launch our first-ever API platform, which makes Zocdoc’s unique technology available to partners to develop the bespoke solutions they need to solve some of healthcare’s toughest problems. As both a technologist and physician, I am looking forward to seeing the transformative solutions that the best and brightest minds in healthcare will build on top of Zocdoc’s core technology.

Care Navigation for Provider-to-Provider Referrals

In light of healthcare spending growing rapidly, passing $ 4T per year, with 8% being spent on administration, the first use case, Care Navigation, will bring efficiency and trackability to the hundreds of millions of annual provider-to-provider referrals in the United States. This solution, which will bring efficiency to provider-to-provider referrals, will help to drastically reduce administrative costs, and ensure that referrals are successfully scheduled with the right provider.

Care Navigation will enable care coordinators to view providers’ real-time appointment availability, regardless of their specialty, insurance plan, or EHR, and then digitally book appointments on behalf of patients. This will improve the patient experience while streamlining care organizations’ cumbersome and costly referral processes.

By using Zocdoc’s technology to improve Care Navigation:

– Developers can build a referral tool for a partner – for example, a large provider group, health technology company, payor, or health system

– That partner’s care coordinators can use that tool, powered by Zocdoc’s API, to view provider availability

– Care coordinators can then, for the first time, instantly book an appointment online with a specialist provider who has signed up to receive referrals

Altogether, Zocdoc is uniquely positioned to leverage its interoperability capabilities to unlock a more connected, seamless healthcare experience for patients and providers. The company will continue to drive efficiencies, grow and deepen its provider network, expand its API capabilities, further streamline the search and booking experience, and extend its offerings to improve more aspects of patients ‘and providers’ healthcare experience.

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