Your response to COVID-19 antibody may be low if you feel it


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Aside from slowing down your immune system’s response to the pathogen, this can also reduce the durability of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective, reducing the spread of the disease and virtually eliminating the risk of dangerous diseases. However, factors such as age and comorbidities are important when measuring the effectiveness of the vaccine. One study found an additional factor that could have a significant impact on the antibody response to the vaccine.

According to a team of researchers at Ohio State University, general stress levels can hinder your immune response. The presence of stress can interfere when the immune system produces a response to a pathogen such as coronavirus.

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“These findings suggest that with the COVID-19 vaccine, when you are more stressed and anxious, it may take a little longer to develop antibodies. Therefore, you should leave more time before assuming you are protected, ”said Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, a clinical health psychologist at OSU.

Aside from slowing down your immune system’s response to the pathogen, stress can also reduce the durability of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Stress and anxiety affect many areas of your health. It is a condition that is connected to your immune system, meaning that it can affect the entire vaccination process, from the effectiveness of your body’s response to how long it lasts. Stress can also increase side effects at the time of injection.

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The OSU study showed that people who were stressed or depressed when they were shot suffered discomfort, lethargy, and irritability more often than others. The longer the period of stress or depression, the worse the side effects.

While it’s normal to be stressed during these weird times we live in, it’s important to try to get the most out of your vaccine. Before you get caught, try to address stress and anxiety in some way, whether you’re talking to someone or taking care of your mental health.

Even if you don’t completely solve the problem at the time of the shot, you’ll still have addressed some behaviors that can make your vaccine more effective and the experience more manageable.

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