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Many pet owners who work from home are interacting with their pets much more. However, they are now beginning to pay more attention to the behavior of their pets. You may have heard people give CBD to their pets and maybe you are considering it yourself. In this guide, we will cover important information on how to give CBD to your pet.

Will CBD make my pet successful?

A common concern we encounter is whether CBD will make your pet successful. It is not intended to raise your pet and should not lift your pet. Although CBD has small traces of THC, it is not enough to cause an increase. However, you will want to purchase CBD from a repeatable company to make sure your pet does not get up. There are laws that make CBD consumption illegal, so you’ll want to avoid counterfeit CBD; as they tend not to follow the rules.

We recommend starting with small amounts of CBD first to see how your pet reacts. This can vary depending on the weight of your pet and the type of product you use. If you use a Full Spectrum CBD Pet Spray we recommend 1 spray for 10 pounds. You can use less if you care about giving too much to your pet, it’s the first time. Then wait about an hour and see how much your pet enjoyed it. You can add another spray or 2 after a couple of hours; but check your pet to see if it is enjoying the CBD.

Is CBD for dogs only?

Another common question we have is whether CBD is for dogs only. No, CBD is not just for dogs. You can give CBD to your cat, rabbit and even horses! In addition, livestock can take CBD such as cows, sheep and goats. This is because your pets have cannabinoid receptors just like humans. Therefore, giving CBD to your pet is completely safe; but you still want to consult a veterinarian before giving CBD to your pet. Your pet may be on medication or allergic to one of the ingredients in CBD. Whenever you deal with the health of your pets, it is better to prevent than to regret.

We have found that CBD is ideal for all types of pets. However, we encourage you to do your own research before you decide to give your pet some CBD. We use all natural ingredients in our CBD pet products and have lab test results that assess quality. You will still want to do your due diligence before giving some CBD to your pet.

Your CBD Pet Guide

Your CBD Pet Guide

If you decide to give CBD to your pet, we hope you consider some of the things we have covered. A helpful tip is to avoid giving your pet non-animal CBD. This includes our tinctures, CBD flowers or other unmarked pet products. Strength can be too high for your pet and can cause serious side effects. We want your pets to be safe and healthy, so do your research first; and talk to your vet before you decide to give CBD to your pet.

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