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Drinking coffee is a fairly simple process, but according to science, there is a better way to enjoy it and get stronger results.

Coffee is the last ritual of the morning. While there are many variables for the positive morning: showers, breakfasts, good night’s sleep, coffee is what makes it or breaks it for many of us. There is something special and effective about this first sip of coffee, which wakes you up and brightens your mood. From an energy perspective, there is a whole science about how coffee works, including how long it is planned to wait before drinking it.

The Huffington Post he spoke with health experts, who determined that the best time to have coffee is about an hour after first waking up. It has a lot to do with cortisol and our production of this hormone in the early hours of the morning.

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Your body naturally produces cortisol, the stress hormone, when you first wake up. This hormone does much of what coffee does, waking you up and giving you energy to get on with your day. By waiting a while to introduce caffeine into your system, you will give your body some space to experience the caffeine buzz you crave while at the same time preventing the chances of getting upset.

“There’s a science behind caffeine isolation and cortisol spikes, so they don’t go face to face and have negative compound effects on the body [like the jitters]”You basically want coffee caffeine to shine as a solo artist and not be influenced by the strong effects of cortisol,” says Tracy Lockwood, dietitian and author.

Too much coffee
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While drinking coffee early in the morning will provide you with some energy and motivation, it will be a shorter and less potent experience than if you had to wait for the effects of cortisol to stop waking your body. The fact that coffee has become such an ingrained part of our morning routines can also make the experience more predictable, consistent, and even boring for your body.

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There is no right way to have a coffee. What works for one person may not work for another. But if you’re interested in having a different morning experience, looking for a longer burst of caffeine, try delaying your first cup of coffee, especially if you want to feel a sustained burst of energy.

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