Yorkshire and Humber AHSN launch a green accelerator program


Three innovative companies have been selected for the inaugural Yorkshire Green Accelerator Program and Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN).

Yorkshire and Humber AHSN have previously run a digital health accelerator program to encourage technical advances. Now, the Propel @ YH Net Zero pilot plan will work with the three selected companies giving them access to a tailor-made structured support and advice course focused on the environmental sustainability of their products.

The three companies selected are: Automedi, Patients Know Best (PKB) and Dignio. Each of the companies has sustainable innovations or existing products that will support the NHS’s commitment to reducing its carbon impact, with the goal of net emissions by 2040.

Automedi is a 3D printer that manufactures health products with sustainable plastics. Users select computers from an on-screen catalog and the item is placed in front of them. This not only reduces the climate impact, but also eliminates delivery costs and delays.

PKB is a digital personal healthcare registration platform that allows patients and healthcare professionals to access medical records anytime and from anywhere. Patients can also access personalized resources created by their healthcare team, encouraging self-management of their condition.

Dignio’s integrated digital care platform provides remote virtual care by connecting patients and healthcare professionals. Its patient-focused system allows users to self-manage conditions with the support of healthcare workers.

Frank Swinton, leader of climate change in West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership, said: “Climate change and health are intricately intertwined in the fact that the two affect each other in a circular fashion. Therefore, it is essential that we work to break the cycle and ensure that our social and health care services are as environmentally friendly as possible.

“This scheme is a great way to help innovators bring their green medicine solutions closer to the everyday technology used across the industry.”

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