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A “selling” resume: what is it?

Have you ever noticed that a good ad sells well? In this advertising everything is convenient, there is nothing unnecessary and it is always clear what, where and how to buy.

It’s more or less the same with resumes, only you “advertise” yourself. A “sales” resume is made appropriate to the desired job, everything that is not needed is removed and everything that is needed is added and beautified a bit. This is extremely effective.

When to apply for a “sales” resume?

  • The job search is getting longer.
  • You are not invited to interviews.
  • Your resume gets a weird response and it’s not at all what you want.
  • You feel like there is something wrong with your resume.
  • There are great periods of unemployment in your work experience and you don’t know how to present it properly.
  • You have been an entrepreneur for a long time and you have decided to look for a job. What is the right way to look for work in this case?
  • You want to make your resume much better.

The “ready-made resume” service.

Many clients say their resumes are not reviewed by employers or are reviewed several times, but are not called for a meeting. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is because the resume does not reflect all of the candidate’s strengths or employers do not find the information they need.

Well resume writing help to pass the most difficult and competitive initial test. Writing a resume is not easy: you have to consider the specifics of the profession, the level of the position and the company, and you have to be clear and concise about your responsibilities and job performance.

At the meeting, it is necessary to “review” each competition with the client. I ask questions so that the candidate remembers their successes and describes them in numbers. The correctness of the curriculum is checked. It helps to reformulate the sentence to make it clearer and shorter.

As a result, the client not only gets an effective resume, but prepares a self-presentation for the interview. He remembers everything he knows how to do and what he has never done, structures the information and eliminates unnecessary things.

A resume consultation can take up to three hours. And yet, the client goes “to sleep all night,” to remember some more important points, to look at the resume with new eyes the next day, to fix something else, and then send it for review. . In the end, there are hints of the remaining mistakes. When the resume is ready, it is sent to the proofreader to avoid spelling, stylistic, and punctuation errors.

Refer to essential sales skills.

The benefits of referring to the core competencies of the offers in your resume are twofold. As mentioned, the slogans of the expected set of responsibilities will streamline your resume to pass the ATS. However, in the next stage, observers will review your resume. By referring to the language skills of the enrollment specialists, you make it clear that you are an amazing person and help you move forward to speak with the stage.

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