Wood Profits Review- A Myth or a Reality? Find out the truth before planning Review by Gardeningaid


Howdy entrepreneurs!! Will you be a woodpecker?

Wait, wait, don’t misunderstand me, or don’t skip the page, please. I’m not telling you to be a bird.

But dear, do you know what the best thing about being a bird is?

Yes, exactly, you are right. Birds can fly freely like a king whenever they want to. And if you’re going to be free as a bird, then congrats! It’s just a matter of one step. Ask me how? It’s simple- just begin with a woodworking business and enjoy the freedom you want.

Well, don’t be nervous to hear that you need to collect wooden stuff. Instead, you can start with your dining table too.

And for helping issues, there are enormous websites that may help you to grow.

Wood Profits is one of them. But in my opinion, when you are in the market, you need to have a clear idea about flourishing your business.

Websites or eBooks like Wood Profits claim that they are the best guide for any new business owner. But is it true?

If you are in the same dilemma as me, I will suggest you be there for a couple of minutes. And read my Wood profits book review. It may help you avoid any scams or fraud.

And here, you will also get to know how Wood Profits works, the advantage, and who is behind the scene.

How does Wood Profits work?

This is the first question that came to my mind when I heard about the Wood profits. So, I thought to include whatever I have found out from my research. And I’m sure that the answer will help 80%of the new entrepreneurs.

👉 Earn $9576 Per Month With An Easy To Start Home Woodworking Business

It is an online-based guideline of the famous author, Jim Morgan. Morgan claims that this eBook can help to build up vital essentials about the startup business. Even you can earn 90k to 1 million dollars within the shortest possible time.

The author of the book claims that after applying their tips and tricks, you will get an enormous number of customers, and they will be ready to provide you a considerable amount of money for your products.

So, in a word, I can say, Wood Profits will help you to know how Jim Morgan struggled in his life, and by following all of his written steps, you can be successful.

What is in the Package?

Well, all of us like to find out the easiest way to fulfill our desire, don’t we? And if something is offering to be a Millionaire, then I’m sure everyone will try their best to grab it. But before making any purchase, it will be right of you to give it a check that what’s inside the bag.

And I know You will now tell, how can I see all of these without buying, because amazon only shows the eBook’s thumbnail.

Relax, I have bought the book already. It is in PDF format with 53 pages. You can also take their Mp3 audio files. And you will get a bonus chapter of the book on Etsy. There are lots of additional features of the book. I can tell you what was in the packet. Let’s start.

Here you will get near about 600 mind-blowing woodworking plans. The fundamental advantage is that you can take any prominent Business Template within $8. Apart from the main product, there are a few schemes. You can try them according to YOUR concern. The 3 kinds of premium services are known as Upsell 1,2, and 3.

  • Upsell 1 is for the VIP upgrade package.
  • Upsell 2 is a Wood Profits accelerator and
  • Upsell 3 is about downloading woodworking magazines.

Now let’s see details about the three different Packages.

Upsell 1

  1. If you take the VIP upgrade package, there will be many craft plans based on 150 premium furniture.
  2. There will be about 1000 documents that may help you to download anything from their website.
  3. This Package will give you 125 pdf articles also.
  4. Direct coaching of the author Jim Morgan.
  5. And you can get all the benefits within 29 dollars, which is a one-time discount price.

Upsell 2

  1. 120 pages eBook on Traditional furniture. There will be guidelines about the maintenance and selling techniques. Of the item
  2. An eBook of 156 illustrated pages. This is about the methods of wood joinery methods.
  3. Another 141 pages eBook on woodwork finishing procedures and techniques.
  4. A discounting voucher at $ 39.

Upsell 3

  1. Here you will get all the magazines and documents based on woodwork. Let me tell you That the copies are not backdated. You know every new article, thesis, etc., is publishing.
  2. You will get these updated ones for a lifetime at only 49 dollars. So don’t you think it is an excellent advantage of purchasing the eBook?

👉 Earn $9576 Per Month With An Easy To Start Home Woodworking Business

What is on the eBook?

Famous author Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits review will help make an overall plan about starting a woodworking business.

Every day almost 40 people buy this book from the amazon app. If you research correctly, then you may find that amazon gives it the bestselling rank.

As there are lots of positive review and hype to buy it, so let’s see what the magic words of Jim Morgan’s wood Profit review are?

Starting part

The first chapter is a kind of summary of the whole book. There are concrete business ideas with marketing policy. In ti’s part, you will get an initial idea about how to set your business.

Here Jim emphasized selecting a proper niche. According to a Customer is the core part of your business. And without knowing their demand, it’s pretty hard to survive in the market. After selecting a niche, good quality wood material and the highly efficient worker is the concern.

Craft Characteristics

In the second portion of the first chapter, you will get 7 craft ideas that may help you to understand the models, features, and trends of your particular niche.

Business Plan

From this chapter, Jim started to share in-depth ideas about beginning a working wood business. He believed that when you have a concrete plan, then your project is half done. Frankly speaking, I have loved the logic. When I’ve started my wooden jewelry business, I find these things critical to handle. So, I will suggest following these tips for Jim. You will be benefited.

What amount you can get from the initiative

I must say that the author of this book is a genius. He used a real mathematical analysis to show how much money you can make from a small investment. This part is inspiring because you will show that Etsy Shop deals with a few small projects at a reasonable price.

Setting your outlet

Well, congratulations, you are now creating your world. When you start your business, then it is essential to have a physical outlet. It helps to get a clear image of your initial customers. Morgan just nailed this chapter by his writing. Trust me. He focused on every detail. Even he gave a few tips on how you should adorn your showcase in the garage. Though every owner has his taste, I think these points will add some spices to your project.

Money-Saving strategy

Here, Jim told us to save as much as you can from your profit and then again invest your business. He described the process as a business cycle. This cycle helps to eradicate extra costs and business risks. He also mentioned an in-depth discussion on how to price your products for more profit.

Focus on your target customer

It is apparent that not all customers will buy your product. So, you need to focus on a group that is interested in buying your crafts. There You’ll find tips to research competitors and customers’ demands. I have found these approaches useful for my parts. Though you already know a few of them, it’s good to go with the writing for once.

10 best craft ideas

Jim included wood-crafting examples based on 10 different niches.

Etsy training

Okay, this part is the worth of your dollars. I can say these 3 chapters are the most useful parts for your business. You can get direction from Jim about opening Etsy accounts, your brand name, price listing of the products, and another good advantage is that you will get a professional logo here. This logo will represent your business theme. So, for this part, I would suggest buying a special Package. It’s awe-inspiring.

Advance steps

Besides the traditional method, Jim shared a few technical supports in this part. And according to him, if you follow the techniques, you will surely get your first customer within the 3 days of product launching. This chapter includes how you can get 5-star ratings from the customers and manage if you ever revive any negative reviews. Apart from These tips, here are some product-based suggestions too.

Local sell and outsourcing

Jim says to grab the local market first and to increase your network day by day. And when you become a master of it, then go in the international market.


As I wouldn’t say I like maths, so I found this chapter boring, but this is one of the crucial parts of the book. Here you will get ideas about the total financial management of your crafting business.

Conclusion part

Well, there is nothing much important. I found it an extension of the first chapter. Here he used inspirational quotes to motivate the entrepreneurs. He mentioned that, no matter what your profit is for the initial days, stick to it, and follow all the tips to Succeed in the shortest possible time.

👉 Earn $9576 Per Month With An Easy To Start Home Woodworking Business

Why do you need to buy it?

Wood Profit’s book is a complete guideline for business newbies. And the best part of this eBook is that you will get lifetime access to the videos and magazines at a low price.

This book helps you believe that anyone can start their dream project with a minimum investment amount. So, if you are thinking about money, then the book is a must-read option for you. Here Jim explained that ” Your techniques are a significant investment for any startup.

Again, Jim Morgan’s step by step lecture will boost your confidence to start your business without any agency’s instruction.

You will get a verified selling platform like Etsy for your brand marketing with various unique methods.

The audio version of the book may help you as a 24/7 guide in your business.

If you read the” Accounts ‘ chapter of your book, your negotiation ability will increase. Moreover, he focuses on in-depth research for every step you take. He also prefers smart working too hard working.

Last of all, the book is providing you a money-back guarantee. So, I will suggest you buy this one, read it two times first then if you don’t like it, claim YOUR money. But keep it in mind that you won’t get any amount back if you violate the primary author’s copyright.

Shortcomings of the book

I have the pdf of the book, and I read it two times. I loved a few chapters of the book, but as I’m here to review it, I have to be neutral. I’ve mentioned a few points below as shortcomings of the Wood profits eBook.

First of all, I found that this online copy Isn’t so good to read. So, I think it will be better if they have a hard copy of the ebook. And the audio Isn’t clear at some points.

The book is good, but not as they claim. In a few chapters, Morgan just colors the simple thing differently. Like, Pricing of any business depends on the owner. But in a few lines, he insisted the readers accept his model.

On top of that, he claims that his methods will ring millions of dollars within a few months but personally. But I can’t agree with this point. I think there is no shortcut to success. If you want to ride at the peak of it, then you have to keep patience.

Another fact strikes my mind that he suggests for paid customer review. To best be honest, I wouldn’t say I like the idea because if I do it, I’ll deceive my customers, which may negatively impact the long run.

Well, let me clear one thing, it’s not a paid review, and I’m not telling you to follow my thought. I’ve just expressed my views there only. It doesn’t mean the book is shit. If you are willing to buy this book, I’ll say to read the abstract from amazon. And then you can purchase it. The decision is all yours, dear…

The FAQs About Wood Profits

What are Wood Profits?

Wood Profits is 53 pages eBook.It is a complete guideline about woodworking businesses and startups. This book also has an audio version, which comes along with the PDF version. This book works as a virtual assistant in any initial project.

Here you will get step by step ideas of woodworking business. The book claims that it may help you to earn up to $150,000 per year. And if you have doubts about the book’s authenticity, let me tell you that there is a 60 days money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like it, you can send it back.

Is Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits a scam?

From my perspective, wood profits aren’t an excellent source to believe because no one can be Millionaire in two weeks only.

I’m not saying that all of their information is false, but If you research correctly, then I think you will also get the same puzzle because, except Jim Morgan and his company, nobody finds it real. Maybe you will now mention the positive reviews of the service. But I don’t see any real proof about it. So this thing seems fishy to me.

Who is Jim Morgan?

Jim Morgan is the author of the famous woodworking eBook, “Wood Profits.”

He is a successful owner of a woodworking business, and most probably, that’s why he knows how much it is to grow with any new ideas.

From these bitter experiences, he tried to write down all of his real struggles. He intends to guide the newcomers to be successful.

He wrote the book in 1955. With substantial positive reviews, this online guide helped thousands of youngsters to make their dream fulfill. If you buy the Upsell 2 package of the book, then Jim himself will train you to flourish your business.

👉 Earn $9576 Per Month With An Easy To Start Home Woodworking Business

Wood Profits Reviews- Our Verdict

Well, this is the wrap-up time for me. Reviewing a book is not so easy that we think. I have tried to cover up all the things that may help you to make the right decision. I have added a few of my thoughts about the copy.

In the end, I’ll say that if you are a beginner, you can buy it to get basic ideas. But don’t firmly believe that only this book can change your lot. It’s just a guideline, nothing else. And one more reading will broaden your knowledge, but you can’t take any risk with your cherished dream. So keep reading but before that choose wisely.

Product Contact: 1-800-390-6035, [email protected]

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