Withings Health Solutions Launches Enhanced Remote Patient Monitoring Solution –


What You Should Know:

Withings Health Solutions unveils its RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) Solution, designed to place the patient experience back at the heart of telehealth. Benefiting both the patient and the provider, Withings RPM solution tackles the challenges that are causing friction for care teams and patients when it comes to long-term medical requirements.

– Led by Antoine Robilard, Withings Health Solutions is delivering a dual approach for patients and providers, by offering both the RPM solution and the cellular devices, such as scales and blood pressure monitors that enable the continuous tracking of a patient’s data and supplying providers with a transparent, frictionless and open platform that enables patients to understand their medical bills.

Withings RPM Solution Background

Withings RPM solution is the result of two years of development as it seeks to rebalance current systems which traditionally concentrate on provider integration capabilities and does not always put the patient experience at the forefront of the equation. Patients are the key to RPM, they power the solutions by providing the data sets that enable the providers to assess their clinical needs. However, patients need to be committed to using the service and continuously track their data, in order to receive correct treatment plans that target their exact needs.

Withings RPM allows providers to:

· Dramatically simplify the onboarding process – With a few simple clicks, patient devices can be ordered and sent to recipients in moments. Physicians can also design care plans and set goals for individual patients in seconds.

· Easily manage data from multiple patients with automated alerts and reminders covering both patient health data and program compliance indicators. These include alerts on device usage (both initial set up and ongoing use) as well as alerts when patient vitals require action.

· Improve patient engagement with the ability to send regular communications to patients via their preferred channel of communication (SMS, phone, and in-app video calls) that act as a reminder, provide additional advice, and encourage engagement.

Withings RPM allows patients to:

· Receive beautiful cellular-enabled devices that require no set-up, are extremely easy to use and autonomously transmit private, secure data.

· Gain access to a dedicated Withings Health app and to an AI-powered digital assistant, that guides them through all aspects of a program including device tutorials and guides, access to their health data and measurement plans, as well as educational content about their chronic disease.

· Improve compliance through automated alerts to encourage measurements and gamification messages and rewards for making progress.

· Improve outcomes through an increased frequency of data that allows healthcare professionals to provide better care.

· Conveniently manage their health conditions and relationships with extended health care team.

“Since launching Withings MED · PRO CARE, our first remote patient monitoring solution, we have continued to assess the market to identify pain points and identify strategies to allow RPM to take off and be finally distributed at scale,” said Antoine Robiliard, Vice President of Withings Health Solutions. “In our analysis, the missing uptill ingredient is now an attention to simplicity and a focus on the patient experience. Most efforts have focused on technical integration for providers, which while extremely important, is not enough for RPM to be successful. Launching a RPM program, onboarding patients, monitoring them and helping them master their health should be easy, for all stakeholders. Our user engagement strategies have successfully ensured billions of health measurements and millions of people to better manage their health. With our new RPM solutions we’re very excited to bring our expertise to the industry, ”added Robiliard.

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