Will legalizing the use of adults in Europe make medical cannabis programs unnecessary?


Due in large part to the tireless efforts of cannabis activists in Europe, medicinal cannabis is now common throughout the continent.

Medical cannabis models differ from nation to nation, as some countries have much higher medical cannabis laws and programs than others.

However, more patients now have access to medical cannabis in Europe than ever before. This is good news for those who suffer from qualifying conditions.

Legalization of adult cannabis is on the horizon in several European countries, including Luxembourg and Germany. How will this affect current medical cannabis programs?

Medical cannabis is still needed

Some people may think that once adult cannabis is allowed in a country, medical cannabis laws and programs are no longer needed.

After all, if all adults have access to cannabis, why are there separate laws and regulations for patients and medicinal cannabis products?

It is important for cannabis enthusiasts to understand that the needs of patients with medical cannabis often differ from those of recreational consumers.

Patients often need stronger products and / or medicinal cannabis products specifically designed to treat specific conditions rather than just inducing euphoria.

In addition, it is not just adults who need access to medical cannabis. Younger patients also need access to medical cannabis in some cases, although in smaller numbers compared to adults.

These are just a few of the many reasons why medical cannabis programs are still needed even after a country legalizes cannabis for adult use.

A comprehensive approach

Now that cannabis reform is underway around the world many cannabis activists and enthusiasts are debating what the “best” cannabis policy is.

No doubt this debate will continue in the future when it comes to granular details. However, at the macro level it is very clear that the best is a comprehensive approach.

Countries need to have adult use laws that allow for legal sales, deliveries, home cultivation, and solid business opportunities.

They must also have additional medical cannabis laws and regulations in place to help all suffering patients who need more than is offered in the adult use industry. Anything less than that is unacceptable.

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