Why DotMD ran out in two days


This past weekend the historic medical meeting DotMD sold out in two days. How did this happen and what does DotMD offer that no other meeting does?

  • Experiences. People are desperate for experiences. And the future of meetings lies in the creation of human experiences. Sound, sensory and emotion. These define DotMD.
  • Like minds. Beyond the power of programming and a remarkable culture, DotMD attracts the most fascinating people in healthcare. DotMD attracts people who prioritize human experience, history, and feeling.
  • The scarcity. Although we live in a world that prioritizes scale, some things are thought to be scarce, contained, and rare. What you find in DotMD cannot be scaled. More seats will not do better.
  • Understanding. The medical profession is desperate to understand how we are comforted. DotMD explains why we are in medicine. It offers a solution that we can take and cultivate. For me, this meeting is critical to helping me fulfill my mission.
  • Great image. Medicine is increasingly defined by the industrialized pressures of the process. Our patients are seen as collections of proteins, genes and markers (I was privileged to do so talk about it and DotMD 2019). All this neutralizes the texture of the human journey. DotMD is anti-reductionist. It owns the space where technology, art, digital culture, creativity, well-being and human narrative collide for a broader view of the healthcare experience.

Most importantly, DotMD sold out in two days because it offers the unexpected.

Congratulations to Ronan Kavanagh, Muiris Houston and Alan Coss for what they have created.

Sign up for the list. And I look forward to seeing you in Galway.

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