WHO reviews Seychelles data after full vaccination obtains COVID | Coronavirus pandemic news


The country’s health ministry says a third of those diagnosed with COVID-19 last week had both doses of the vaccine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reviewed data on the Seychelles coronavirus after the country’s health ministry said more than a third of people who tested positive for COVID-19 last week had been completely vaccinated.

The ministry and the WHO stressed on Tuesday that most people who tested positive had not been vaccinated or had just received a dose, that no one who had died had been completely vaccinated and that almost all people in need of treatment for serious or critical cases were not vaccinated.

But the WHO said it was closely following the situation in the Indian Ocean nation, which has a population of less than 100,000 and has been reporting daily cases in low hundreds.

“Our teams continue to review data, assess progress and understand trends,” a spokeswoman told Reuters news agency via email.

The seven-day continuous average of positive cases went from 120 on April 30 to 314 on May 8, the ministry said in a statement last Monday, and nearly two-thirds of positive cases were close contacts with another. person who gave positive.

37% of those who tested positive had received both doses of the vaccine.

So far, 57 percent of those who have been fully vaccinated have received the vaccine from Chinese state-owned manufacturer Sinopharm, while 43 percent have received shots from AstraZeneca. Nearly 60 percent of the population has had two doses, the WHO said.

The ministry said 80% of those in need of hospital treatment had not been vaccinated and used to be people with comorbidities. The ministry could not be contacted immediately for further comments.

The WHO has said a large phase III trial of Sinopharm has shown that two doses, administered at an interval of 21 days, have a 79% efficacy against symptomatic infection, 14 days or more after the second dose. AstraZeneca said in March that its COVID-19 vaccine was 76% effective.

The WHO approved the Sinopharm vaccine for emergency use on Friday. The decision also clarifies the way for the vaccine to be included in COVAX, a global program to provide vaccines primarily to the poorest countries.

The total number of confirmed cases in Seychelles since the pandemic began is less than 8,200. The cases fell slightly from May 7 to 8, according to the ministry statement, but “the transmission rate remains high and worrying.”

The WHO said vaccination alone would not stop transmission altogether and that preventive health measures such as social distancing, the use of masks and hand washing should continue.

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