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More and more vaccines against COVID-19 have been approved. This is when children under 12 will be able to shoot them.

The third round of COVID-19 vaccines has been approved for several people, prompting many to wonder when children under 12 will also be approved. Although many people have not yet been vaccinated, many parents are concerned about their children and the risk of contracting and spreading the disease in schools, summer camps, family reunions and more.

Per Reuters, children under the age of 12 will be approved for vaccinations approximately in mid-fall. “I think there’s a reasonable chance that Pfizer or Moderna can get FDA approval for younger children before the next holiday season,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said TODAY. “Hopefully, in mid-fall and early winter.”

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People who have Pfizer vaccine and receive COVID-19 have it in common
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According to the director of the Vaccine Research Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Dr. Bob Frenck, children can get powerful immunity to the virus from much smaller doses than adults, which means the supply of vaccines can be extended even further. Frenck is currently working on clinical trials with children at Cincinnati Hospital. “We took a step back after doing the teens and looked at the dosage because we thought we could use a lower dose and get the same immune response.” he told CNN.

The side effects of children are similar to those experienced by adults, with most of them mild and include arm pain, fatigue, headache and fever in approximately 10% of children.

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The FDA recently approved the Pfizer vaccine for people 16 years of age and older, which reiterates its safety and importance. As hospitals and doctors collect data on childhood vaccines, emergency approval of the shot is imminent, providing protection to more people and facilitating our return to normalcy.

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