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A daily routine for most people is to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. However, it can produce negative side effects such as: feeling anxious, nervous, increased heart rate, etc. So it’s no surprise that people are starting to add CBD to their coffee cups. You may be wondering if adding CBD to your coffee will do anything; here’s what you need to know about CBD and coffee.

The stimulating effects

It’s no secret that coffee has stimulating effects that most of us enjoy; this is the reason we drink it, after all. This can include the feeling of being alert and focused. Although it sounds good, it can quickly increase anxiety and other side effects. So it only makes sense why people decided to start adding CBD to their coffee. When you try to relax, you can come to one CBD tincture. So of course, you’ll want to add it to your coffee to give it the boost you’re looking for. Also, the added terpenes can enhance your coffee experience a bit.

The best way to include CBD in your coffee is to add a couple of drops to your cup. However, you want to make sure the coffee is not hot. Otherwise, you run the risk of burning CBD, causing it to lose its potency. Instead, try adding a couple of drops after you’ve added the milk. Or, you can let your coffee cool before you decide to add a couple of drops. If the coffee is too hot to drink, it is too hot to add CBD. Also, try combining different tincture flavors with your coffee to enhance the taste. That way, you enjoy your coffee while you take some CBD at the same time. There are a couple of other popular methods to enjoy CBD with coffee.

Vaping CBD and coffee

Some people enjoy smoking a cigarette with their coffee. They do this because they feel it boosts their metabolism. However, you can spray some CBD and enjoy a good cup of coffee at a time. A good product to try is ours Full spectrum active CBD pen. This vape pen comes infused with caffeine, full spectrum CBD and terpenes. Since coffee already has caffeine, adding more caffeine to the equation can enhance your coffee experience. It may not give you the same effects as smoking a cigarette, but it is a great alternative.


Another option you have is to take drops of CBD sublingually. When you finish the cup of coffee, you can put a little CBD oil under your tongue. That way, you can cool off with some CBD after you’ve finished your coffee. You can introduce CBD into your system without scattering it in a cup of coffee. You want to follow this method if you are the type of person who does not tend to finish your coffee. That way you won’t leave any CBD behind.

What type of coffee to use

What type of coffee to use

With many new businesses and the emergence of cafes, a common question is what type of coffee to use. Although it is ideal to use a water-soluble CBD instead of oil-soluble; CBD oil can work very well with coffee. Many new products offer CBD infused coffee that only requires warm water to enjoy. However, the type of coffee used depends on your preferences. For coffee brewed with infusion a Keurig the cup is probably the best. This is because you know how much CBD you get in each cup. However, other infused brands offer an estimate, but they won’t always be an exact amount. While they are excellent, we recommend taking the CBD sublingually after enjoying the cup.



If you’re like most people who like coffee but hate how it makes them feel; we recommend you try some CBD with your coffee. This may include adding a couple of drops to the coffee, vaporizing CBD, or taking it sublingually. If you decide to go with an already infused coffee brand, we recommend going with a Keurig. If you don’t have a Keurig, you can always opt for different options. Either way you decide to enjoy it, be sure to control the amount of CBD you are taking.

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