What, where, how to start losing weight fast


The keto diet remains very popular among those who want to lose weight fast or keep their physique lighter. Still, some beginners find it a little confusing. What is the keto diet? Where do you start? Here we share the ultimate keto diet plan for beginners, as well as products from Dr. Eric Berg, DC, that can help you on your keto journey.

How the keto diet works

The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that makes you lose weight fast. Pixabay (CC0)

Abbreviated by “ketogenic diet,” this diet requires you to minimize your daily carbohydrate intake while increasing the fats you consume, so your body is encouraged to burn it for energy through a process called “ketosis”. Because we have different bodies and needs, this usually means:

  • From 60% to 70% of the calories that come from fats
  • From 5% to 10% of carbohydrate calories
  • 15% to 30% of your calories from protein

Once the body goes into ketosis, it begins to produce ketones, which are organic compounds that the body will use instead of the missing carbohydrates. During this point, the body also begins to use more energy, which in turn leads to weight loss in a short period of time. Unfortunately, as this is a process that many are unaware of, it is very easy for the keto to be unhealthy.

Luckily, there are experts in keto that we can trust as a guide, one of which is Dr. Eric Berg DC, whose work has made him one of the best experts in ketogenic diet in the world.

Healthy keto

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 6 p.m. A former chiropractor, Dr. Eric Berg is a health educator famous for his work on keto healthy diets. drberg.com

As a former chiropractor and health educator, Dr. Berg has spent the past 30 years helping more than 40,000 clients with weight loss and other health issues through natural nutritional methods. Since then, he has focused on becoming a full-time educator who shares knowledge about the human body and has written several books on health, including the best-selling “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning” and “The healthy Keto plan “. For the past two years, he has also organized an annual Keto Health Summit in Washington DC and made television appearances for his work.

According to Dr. Berg, there are two main principles that form the foundation of a healthy keto diet. Here’s what to eat on a keto diet:

  • Eat low-carb, high-fat foods that cause your body to use up your fat stores while under ketosis.
  • Eat foods that provide the body with all its nutritional needs

The next thing to learn is what can be eaten under the keto diet. While most would say the keto diet is restrictive, Dr. Keto’s healthy keto. Berg has enough variety, which makes the transition easier. According to the healthy keto diet, you can eat:

  • Healthy dietary fats – Because your body will use fats for energy, it is best to consume the healthiest ones. This includes coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, milk, butter, cheese and of course fatty fish. When you start, opt for more fat and slowly reduce it as your body adjusts to your diet.
  • Moderate protein – Keto is a moderate protein fat that makes foods like raw grass-fed meat, grazing eggs and wild caught fish perfect for this. You can also eat nuts and shrimp. However, make sure you only eat three to six ounces to eat or a little more if you exercise.
  • Vegetables – As for vegetables, the rawer, the better. Your main choices will also be green leafy vegetables and crucifers.
  • What to drink – For ketosis, the best drink chosen is always water. However, you can also try herbal tea, lemon water, bone broth, apple cider vinegar mixed with water, sugar-free almond milk and a cup of coffee.

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 6 p.m. A sample table of carbohydrate intake in a keto diet, according to Dr.’s Beginner’s Guide. Berg. drberg.com

There are also foods you should avoid while you are keto, which includes:

  • Packed, frozen or “TV dinners”
  • Meat processed with nitrates
  • Fast food
  • Eat starches like french fries and white potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Sugary cereals
  • Sweetened yogurt
  • Foods with MSG
  • Alcohol
  • Diet soda or any carbonated beverage
  • Love
  • All fruits (except blackberries and raspberries)

If you feel like you’re running out of boring food, take a look Dr. Keto Recipes Berg i Dr. ketogenic dessert e-book by Dr. Berg, which will help you transform keto-compatible items into amazing recipes and sweets.

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 6 p.m. A sample menu on a keto diet, available in Dr. E-book. Berg. drberg.com

Ceto and intermittent fasting

Once you are familiar with the keto diet, Dr. Berg introduces intermittent fasting, which is a diet that follows a pattern of changes when you eat and when you don’t eat.

The guide of Dr. Berg suggests the 16/8 method, the first meal is at 1pm and the last meal at 9pm. You can also make the first meal at 7 in the morning and skip dinner by eating the last meal at 3 in the afternoon. What you prefer, the idea is to eat only at these hours and drink only water in the intermediate hours.

Doing so greatly reduces the volume of carbohydrates (sugar) in the body and the hormone that stores fat. It also provides a long period of time in which growth hormone can burn fat without interruption, resulting in faster weight loss.

Of course, you don’t need to follow this pattern right away. Instead, you can slowly go on a diet, which is best explained in Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto Diet for Beginners.

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 6 p.m. If you need information, Dr. Berg provides a lot of keto-related health content. drberg.com

Do keto supplements work?

To help you on your keto journey, Dr. Berg also offers best-selling supplements that can help your body meet your nutritional needs while you’re still adjusting. This includes:

  • Keto Essential Aminos – Due to the restrictive nature of keto, there may be some amino acids that can be lost. To help supplement it, these tablets contain the eight essential amino acids the body needs to support and repair the hormonal, muscular, skeletal, and enzymatic systems.
  • Keto Energy – Sometimes the keto diet can induce fatigue as a side effect. As such, Dr. Berg offers an energy supplement that can help compensate for it and keep you sharp and energized throughout the day.
  • Keto Combo – Take your keto diet to the next level with this combination of nutritious electrolyte powder yeast, which ensures your daily needs for all your protein and amino acids.
  • Cruciferous superfood – Supplement your keto diet with these vegetarian capsules that contain 11 vegetables and foods packed with phytonutrients, which work together to help maintain liver function and detoxification.
  • Ketofast sweetened you – Although water is a great drink, it is still just water. Luckily, you can now add flavor to your keto diet with this sweetened tea, which uses an herbal blend to support normal blood sugar levels, control your appetite and of course keep your cravings at bay. .
  • Kit Keto – For Keto beginners, this keto supplement kit should help you a lot more. Includes nutritious yeast pills, lemon powder cake juice, The Healthy Keto Plan, Meal Maker and Dr. Keto’s new ceto brochure. Berg. This kit contains everything you need to start a healthy keto diet.

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 6 p.m. You can now download Dr. Keto’s e-book and intermittent fasting. Berg for free. drberg.com

Keto is healthy?

Yes, when done correctly. Keto can be a great way to lose weight healthily and quickly, while building good eating habits.

While it may seem confusing, fortunately, resource and keto experts, such as Dr. Berg and his beginner’s guide to healthy keto serve as an example of what keto can achieve for those who are committed to it. If you want more information about Dr. Berg and his experience, you can click here. You can also download their free Keto ebook from by clicking here.

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