We asked 7 startup founders what they needed for optimal WFH configuration


Due to the recent rise in Covid-19 cases, Singapore has tightened social interactions and returned to the default state of working from home Phase 2 (Increased awareness).

Working from home has become the norm again, as employees who are able to work from home have to do so. That is why it has become important for Singaporeans to create a comfortable space to boost productivity when working from home.

However, before the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home was virtually unheard of in Singapore and curing the right items for a home office could be a challenge for some.

We moved forward by asking seven local home founders about what their favorite products to work from home are and personal advice on how we can elevate our own workspaces.

Trixie Khong, founder of By Invite Only

Image credit: by invitation only

Trixie Khong, founder of the jewelry brand By Invite Only, has adapted its settings to work from home to focus on comfort and health.

He told Vulcan Post that he herniated his neck last year due to overwork and spent two to three weeks in unbearable pain. “That’s when I realized that I can’t take my health for granted and that posture is really important,” he said.

That’s why your setup to work from home revolves around good posture, to ensure you don’t compromise your health. For her, an essential product in her workspace is a good laptop stand.

laptop stand
Image credit: Nomadific

The businesswoman makes sure her laptop stand is foldable, so she can also take it out to work in a coffee shop or even in her office pantry.

Another essential product I recommend is a good screen this gives you great high definition details and eye comfort. One positive point is the built-in camera, so users don’t have to go back to laptops for Zoom meetings at home.

To create a productive and zen environment, you also have a diffuser and essential oil on your desk. Its perfect workspace is complete with a good Lo-Fi playlist.

Having an ergonomic desktop setup is much more important now that WFH is becoming the norm. Altizen Permanent Desktop Converter allows you to have an optimal viewing experience, minimizing glare from your laptop screen:

Jane Peh, co-founder of The Woof Agency

The Woof Agency Pet Influencer
Jane Peh (middle), co-founder of The Woof Agency / Image credit: The Woof Agency

Founded in 2018, The Woof agency is a social media agency specializing in the marketing of pet influencers. It handles end-to-end management of entire influential marketing campaigns, from talent recruitment to post-campaign reporting.

Co-founder Jane Peh said she is a coffee lover who needs her daily caffeine correction before she starts working.

Drinking a cup of coffee might have been a part of your morning routine, but now that the need to travel has been eliminated, it can be difficult to grab that energy boost.

As such, Jane and her husband have invested in one Nespresso machine to make working from home more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a good coffee to start the day with, check out the Foreword Coffee Roaster prep package, which is available exclusively at VP Label:

Gerald Tan, co-founder of Yummy Bros.

Gerald Tan Yummy Bros
Gerald Tan (right), co-founder of Yummy Bros / Image Credit: Yummy Bros

It focuses on Yummy Bros. reinventing Asian dishes making them healthier, customizable and providing more transparency about their nutritional values, while retaining their delicious flavors.

Gerald Tan, co-founder of Yummy Bros., told Vulcan Post that since he can’t get to the gym in the middle of the pandemic, he resorts to Yummy Bros.’s meal preparation plans to keep his calories under control and keep his physique.

Gerald and his co-founder Anson Lim have put together a menu that includes popular vendors such as Yummy Satay Chicken, Yummy Mala Chicken, Spicy Chicken Lemak, Yummy Curry Chicken, Yummy Thai Fish, Yummy Kung Pow and Yummy Kopi Chicken.

Another essential WFH product for him is his Secretlab Titan Dark Knight chair, donated by Anson.

Having an active lifestyle works hand in hand with a healthy diet to keep you up to date. Hydragun’s percussion massage device keeps you up to date with quick and easy recoveries:

Preston Wong, co-founder of Treatsure

it's about Singapore
Preston Wong (left), co-founder of treatsure / Image Credit: treatsure

Co-founder Preston Wong describes the treatment as “Singapore’s first food saving app“With the mission of getting consumers to” treat food as a treasure. “

It helped companies tackle food waste through technological solutions and offers consumers a new channel to discover unique foods of great value while doing good to reduce waste.

Preston told Vulcan Post that while working from home, he considers making takeaway food at nearby cafes and street vendors a good way to disconnect from an extended period of work. It’s also a great way to support street vendors in this difficult time.

At the same time, he wants to make sure he does it in a sustainable way. Therefore, some products that are useful to you while working from home include a reusable Daiso container, bamboo cutlery Bamboo straw girl, and a reusable Unpackt cup.

sustainable products
Image credit: Preston

Everyone is guilty of snacking while working from home. To keep the snack sustainable, Preston uses a recycled coconut bowl The Sustainability Project.

Darius Cheung, co-founder of 99.co

Darius Cheung 99.co
Image credit: High net worth

99.co is one of the largest real estate portals in the region and is co-founded by Darius Cheung. 99 Group also operates several Southeast Asian real estate platform brands and is the fastest growing real estate platform in the region.

In November last year, the Group acquired Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX), a strategic move that positioned it to become the market leader in Singapore in the medium term.

Since remote meetings with employees are especially important to ensure strong communication when working from home, Darius uses noise cancellation. Bose QuietComfort Headphones 35 II, which offers high quality audio.

Other products that complete your workspace include a Prism + x290 wide screen curved monitor, and the Baseus magnetic lamp which provides better lighting for calls. It also runs on battery and is portable, allowing it to function as a torch and night reading light as well.

prism + monitor
Image credit: Prism +

To complete the experience of working from home for Darius is his Cornell fryer, which allows him to quickly and conveniently prepare relatively healthy snacks.

Having good acoustics is essential for any setup, whether for leisure or WFH. The Soundkraft Enigma Bluetooth speaker combines handcrafted craftsmanship with the best in technology to give you a complete audio experience.

Rachel Lim, co-founder of Love, Bonito

Rachel Love Bonito
Rachel Lim, co-founder of Love, Bonito in LB lounge clothes / Image credit: Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito started as a blogging store in 2005 and has since become a multimillion-dollar fashion hub.

In a independent interview with Vulcan Post, co – founder Rachel Lim shared that her goal was to build a brand that “created an affordable fashion for regular Asian women.

Due to the increase in work, from home, Love, Bonito has seen an increase in the demand for more casual dresses so that customers can continue to have an elegant style and stay comfortable. It has also launched a new line of lounge clothes to complement the new flexible work mechanisms.

No wonder one of Rachel’s favorite products is her Love, Bonito lounge set. He told Vulcan Post that it is made with 100% ray, which is extremely breathable and helps him spend his days working from home.

Another product that is widely used is the Skin Inc. Glow Filter Serum. It is the first skin care makeup in the world that not only moisturizes the skin, but even out the skin tone, keeps the radiance shiny and gives the skin a pinkish effect, which is perfect for meetings with Zoom. With it, you can look easily presentable without hitting various makeup products.

Daphne Ting, co-founder of Siege Advanced Manufacturing

Daphne Ting besieges advanced manufacturing
Loh Chi Jie and Daphne Ting, co-founders of Siege Advanced Manufacturing / Image Credit: Siege Advanced Manufacturing

Siege Advanced Manufacturing is a 3D printing company that is said to have the largest 3D printing capacity in Singapore, with 50 3D printers at the Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park facility.

Last year, countries and hospitals around the world faced a shortage of PPE to protect themselves while treating patients with Covid-19. Basic items such as surgical masks and protective gowns were also scarce.

Loh Chi Jie and Daphne Ting, co-founders of Siege Advanced Manufacturing, decided they are in charge of doing something about it, as they had the printing capability to help. They then reactivated their manufacturing lines to produce face protectors.

Now that Daphne works from home, she doesn’t have access to her 3D printing, which means she can’t do much of her work.

So he got a small 3D printer from a local vendor ZweeDee3D, which allows you to access a 3D printer at home. With the printer, you can produce 3D prints for customers at any time from the comfort of your home.

Today, many Singaporeans are engaged in planting as they spend more time at home and Daphne is no exception. He told Vulcan Post that he started growing plants hydroponically with a Yashponics hydroponic system, and has even harvested a few batches to eat.

Simple ways to make it more enjoyable to work from home

Many of us may not yet be fully accustomed to working from home, and our home offices may not be fully optimized for an efficient and productive experience.

After all, there are more distractions, less responsibility, and less communication at home than when working in the office.

However, this does not mean that working from home leads to lower productivity. In fact, these startup founders have shown that it is possible to create a conducive experience with affordable products.

In addition, trivial things can be overlooked such as the food we eat every day or the packaging we use to take away, but they also play an essential role in our work experience from home.

Looking for a delicious treat to cure those snack cravings while working from home? Look no further than The Kettle Gourmet’s popular locally-flavored popcorn:

Featured Image Credit: Invitation Only / Global Outlook / Yummy Bros. / Ladyboss Asia / Singapore Urban Design Festival / High Net Worth

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