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Entrepreneur and inventor, Waseem Ashraf Qureshi is the co-founder and CEO of the brands Powerhouse Made in UAE, Infusion Power Industries and Infusion Solar Energy Systems, as well as Kilowatt Labs, Inc., based in the United States. The group manufactures and sells Qureshi energy. storage invention, Sirius supercap storage, the alternative to degradation-free, non-chemical, fast-charging, recyclable and biodegradable batteries.
According to Qureshi, inventing innovative technologies can only upset industries and markets and make a difference if they make the journey from the lab to the market, on a scale. “Otherwise, they’re just trophies on a shelf.”
The art of marketing requires navigating numerous scenarios simultaneously: team building, capital formation, partner development, sales, branding, investor relations, certifications, supply chain, regulations, legal, auditing, and banking. Each of these stand-alone verticals presents its own sets of rules, regulations, practices, and processes.
“I’ve been inventing technologies for 15 years, and experience has taught me that innovation has to be practiced throughout the process, not just in building technology,” says Qureshi. “Entrepreneurship is innovating the entire value chain, and success as an entrepreneur is difficult without it.”
Since the launch of Kilowatt Labs, Inc., in the US, Qureshi has developed an innovative global distributor model that enables efficiently distributed global distribution, a distributor model that has …

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