Want to restore your smile? New York Smile shares how prostheses can help


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Due to numerous factors, ranging from dental injuries to genetics, people can lose teeth permanently at any time in their lives. Fortunately, there are now several options that patients with missing teeth can choose from. Regardless of the condition and location of the gap, there is a perfect option to replace the teeth New York smile design, located in Manhattan and New York.

When it comes to inquiries about which treatment will work best for the patient’s oral condition, NYC Smile Design has 30 years of experience. In fact, even today NYC Smile Designis is constantly looking to improve its services. All of their dentists are trained and have at least 8 to 17 years of experience in the field. They also use the latest and most advanced technologies on the market to maximize patient operations.

Advantages of obtaining dental prostheses supported by implants

Many people go to NYC Smile Design to check their problem about missing teeth. Dental prostheses with implants are one of the dental treatments that patients usually consult most often. It is very likely that, in terms of appearance, they have a natural cunning. However, implant-supported dental prostheses can offer more benefits to patients beyond being merely aesthetic.

They provide stability, unlike traditional dentures

One of the best things about dental prostheses supported by implants is their stability or stability. Because they are firmly attached, they are therefore held in place. This means the patient will not have to worry about the dentures slipping unintentionally while talking, eating or laughing. They will also not come off while they sleep and, as they are fixed in place, there will be no more uncomfortable feeling as they cannot slip on the gums.

Patients will no longer have to limit themselves to eating soft foods while wearing dentures. Whether the dish is crispy, crunchy or hard, they can be enjoyed without worries. Because they don’t slip as occasionally as traditional dentures do, patients can also utter words effortlessly and even utter speeches with confidence.

In fact, dental prostheses with implants have been designed to be securely fastened in place, which has proven advantageous in more ways than one. However, if the patient wishes, he can still intentionally remove it.

They help prevent bone loss under the gums

Another commendable feature of implanted dentures is the health benefits. For example, they can improve the strength of the bones under the patient’s gums. Once a tooth is lost, the jaw bone shrinks, causing bone loss and the shape of the distorted face. However, since these dental prostheses stimulate the jaw, patients will not have to worry about the effects of missing teeth.

Even if bone loss has already occurred, dental prostheses supported by implants can reverse this effect. This is something that other tooth replacement options cannot do because they do not use titanium rods to anchor the implants to the patient’s jaw. Unlike traditional dentures, implanted dentures do not require regular adjustments to adapt to changes in the jaw bone, so they are also more comfortable.

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