Wall fern plants on the wall for floor decoration


Not long ago, I came across a home decor product that seemed pretty unusual to me. It seemed to mimic those animal heads that hunters displayed as trophies on their walls, but instead of a plant shape.

It’s called the business behind it Staghorntuary, founded by a self-taught gardener who needed a way to fill his house with plants, but did not have them.

So he hung them on the walls

After leaving her former job as editor-in-chief in a local publication last May, Key was left confused about what her passion was. After three months of unemployment, he fell in love unexpectedly with planting. Starting with herbs and edible plants, his garden soon became a small farm.

This momentary hope for floriculture did not last long; Unforeseen circumstances forced Key and his partner to abandon their landed properties in a high place. This meant that Key no longer had the space to grow his garden, but was left with a small balcony in his new apartment.

But when one door closes, another opens. A new light came on again when he met the ferns in a nursery, which can be mounted on the walls to save space.

Wall decor with own life / Image credit: Staghorntuary

“Most common ferns are sold in pots when you get them from a local nursery and don’t shine as well compared to when they are mounted (which is how they grow naturally in the wild),” Key told Vulcan Post. From then on, the avid gardener would mount these ferns on wooden planks and begin to fill the walls of his apartment with more of them.

Wanting to share the beauty of ferns with the public, Key launched Staghorntuary on Christmas 2020.

Balance of fern and wood

Key sources of plants both locally and internationally, depending on the availability of the species you are looking for. Still, stocking up and sculpting the wooden tables was remarkably one of the big challenges of the process for him.

He described: “It is one of the most agitated parts, especially because of the heat, because the place where we get our forests has no roof! And after recovering all the planks, we will cut it according to the sizes we want on our humble balcony ”.

Because every fern and wooden board has its unique qualities, Key doesn’t just stick them carelessly. Each design meticulously adjusts to complementary patterns, shapes and sizes. “The whole overall balance is taken into account when riding to create the most beautiful boat,” he said proudly.

Of course, you could also put them on the tables / Image Credit: Staghorntuary

The founder said he doesn’t have a definite number of his total capital for the business, as he simply started at Staghorntuary to be a beer collector himself. “I’m someone who bought the plants as an enthusiast, but who slowly changed direction to become the owner and seller of the brand because of the excess plants I had at the time,” he stated.

The first adopters of Staghorntuary products have so far been enthusiastic about interior decoration and general plants. The brand has seen recurring customers who are also becoming hoop collectors, which Key considers to be a good sign for the company’s customer acquisition, which puts it on track to achieve its goal. in the short term to raise awareness about ferns.

In the long run, Key hopes to open its own beer shop to sell its creations, both disassembled (starting price of 39 RM) and assembled (from 79 RM).

An easy-to-assemble aesthetic

Each staghorn starts small / Image Credit: Staghorntuary

Staghorn ferns are epiphytes: an organism that grows on other plants and requires a lot of air circulation and a lot of light. That’s why mounting them on the walls near an open window gives them the best chance of growing healthily, as it mimics their way of growing in nature. At the same time, no real surface is needed.

Key also noted that mounted cisterns are easier to care for as they are less likely to overflow, unlike when they are sitting inside a pot. It is easy to know when a starry fern should also be watered, as its fronds (leaves) will fall off, appear flabby, or begin to wrinkle and turn red.

To water them, it is recommended to use a long-tipped watering can in an area where the water can be drained, allowing the drips to drain slowly over the layer of moss or coconut shell (medium) until it is completely saturated.

“After watering, let it stay in the bathroom or sink until the excess water stops dripping so you can hang it back on the wall,” Key recommended.

Unlike other houseplants, ferns do not need pruning, according to Key. “But if you think a particular frond doesn’t look good, you can also cut it. Otherwise, it will fall naturally when the plant has completely reabsorbed its nutrients, ”he advised.

With proper care, cisterns can become huge over the years, which can cause them to fall off their mount when they become too heavy. Therefore, Staghorntuary provides customers with lift services for an initial price of 55 RM.

Some Cabbage Looks / Image Credit: Staghorntuary

As much as I am interested in plants and their beauty, I am an incompetent parent of plants that can’t even keep my cacti alive. When I am under my care, it would turn brown or shrink in itself, with no hope and ready to begin.

So I had to ask Key if these deer were suitable for beginners. She replied, “There are some species I would recommend to beginners for sure, as they are less demanding and more forgiving. But they are certainly not as durable as snake plants or cacti.”

“I guess the same goes for all indoor plants. The biggest challenge would be irrigation, either above or below the water. ”

Although, Key assured that with any new plant, there will always be a learning curve when it comes to caring for them, and it is no different with ferns.

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Featured Image Credit: Staghorntuary

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