VW announces schedule for phasing out combustion engines


Wolfsburg (dpa) – Following the Audi group subsidiary, leading brand VW has also announced a specific timetable for the final phasing out of the combustion engine. “In Europe, we will be retiring from the business with combustion engine vehicles between 2033 and 2035,” Klaus Zellmer, a member of VW’s sales board at the Münchner Merkur newspaper, said. The release will take place a little later in the US and China, and considerably later in South America and Africa. Just a few days ago, Audi had announced that the latest combustion engines would come off the production line by 2033 at the latest.

At the presentation of the financial statements in the spring, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess had stressed that he was confident in supply and demand. “Combustion engines will be sold for longer in some regions than in others,” he said at the time. In his view, the change will be driven by the market and customers. According to him, combustion engines are needed at the moment, in part, also to finance transition to a world only of electric vehicles. In addition, he added that modern combustion engines are many times more efficient and less polluting than their predecessors since the days of the diesel crisis.

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