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As of July 1, 2021, Vulcan Post will begin charging for access to selected articles on its website as part of its efforts to capture a portion of the digital subscription business.

It’s adopting a “freemium” model, in which visitors can still read some articles for free, but the premium content is hidden behind a pay wall.

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Subscribers can pay for S $ 9.90 per month or S $ 99.90 per year Access all premium content. This reduces to only 0.33 S $ or 0.27 S $ per day, respectively.

There is also a one week package option for $ 4.90. Alternatively, readers can unlock a single article for $ 7.90.

To generate subscriptions, Vulcan Post focuses on removing quality content that is worth paying for.

Subscribers will be able to enjoy exclusive articles with a higher level of coverage and information on verticals that include government technology, electric vehicles, cryptocurrency and e-commerce.

Vulcan Post has identified these verticals as part of its ambition to set itself up as a knowledge center for Singapore and Malaysia.

Why charge for content?

With the vision of informing and educating its readers, it aims to produce content that is intelligent and informative.

Beyond news reporting, Vulcan Post is dedicated to producing long-running features, opinion and analysis articles, data-driven articles, investigative journalism, exclusive interviews, and initial compilations.

“Readers of Avid Vulcan Post would have noticed that we have put forward more graphics and storytellers. That’s one of our ways to raise the level of our content game, ”said Zafirah Salim, head of branding at Vulcan Post.

Map of the Singapore Cryptographic Industry / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Some examples of their premium items include how SPAC agreement of A $ 54 billion is illuminating the stock market path of Southeast Asian startups, a car industry overview and why demand is rising in Singapore as well as the key blind spots on the Singapore roadmap for total electrification in 2040.

If you subscribe to Vulcan Post’s premium content, it would also help online publishing shape journalism, so that it helps them learn more about what their readers would like to see more (and less).

Since its inception in 2015, Vulcan Post has provided all of its editorial content for free, but in the future, it believes the way to truly thrive is to continue to diversify its revenue, asking readers to show their support more directly. and that they protect journalism.

In recent months, Vulcan Post has increased its investment to strengthen its editorial team in order to expand and enrich its coverage.

“The launch of a pay wall helps us ensure that we continue to publish great journalism to the future,” said Jacky Yap, CEO of GRVTY Media, the parent company of Vulcan Post.

“We used to focus on driving traffic, but as we pivot toward a subscription model, our main goal now is to bring out better and deeper content. We believe this is what will help us stay in the long run. “.

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