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Vodacom has launched a Black Friday offer that offers a 300 GB contract package at any time and data of 300 GB of night owl for R299 per month for two years.

Offer is limited to the first 500 customers who sign up.

Vodacom said it offers Black Friday deals with discounts of up to 70% throughout November.

These deals will be available every Friday during the month on laptops, cell phones, wearables, routers, TVs and monthly contracts.

“This year, we’re handing out our Black Friday deals throughout the month so customers can shop to their liking without worrying about the pressure of a single Friday or weekend,” the consumer business chief said. of Vodacom SA, Jorge Mendes.

“We are confident that the offers will meet all of our customers’ needs, helping to alleviate some of the current financial pressures.”

Offers this weekend are available online or in-store

Other offers include

  • Save R2,400 a month with a 24GB 30GB RED VIP with the advantage of duplicating your data at any time.
  • Save R2,400 a month with a 24 GB 100GB RED VIP with the advantage of duplicating your data at any time.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with 5 GB at any time + 5 GB of night owl data: R649 per month for 24 months (Black Friday launch weekend).
  • Xbox Series S: R279 per month for 24 months.

Vodacom will also offer deals for customers who update or sign new contracts.

“For example, the Red Flexi 175 plan will now be available at R129 per month, which is a drop of R149 per month to offer you a savings of R480 over the 24-month contract period,” Vodacom said.

“For customers who have already downloaded the newly launched VodaPay app, there will be limited offers during the Black Friday period, such as 1 GB for R1,” Vodacom said.

“There will also be up to a 70% discount on Just4You packages already available at a discount.”

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Vodacom Black Friday sales information

2021 Black Friday Vodacom Updates:

Expect us to run the Vodacom Black Friday 2021 announcement around November 15th or even a day before Black Friday. In the meantime, check out information on current standard Vodacom specials.

Black Friday sale start date:

Like last year, the sale will begin on November 26, 2021. Vodacom’s obvious Thanksgiving updates will come a week earlier as another point of sale. To receive an alert about Vodacom Black Friday offers to follow The Edge Search website and our social media pages.

Black Friday Sales format:

How Vodacom made last year, many of Vodacom’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales will also be available on their website or social media. This is a huge benefit Vodacom will easier to buy on friday back and more family time.

Black Friday special promotions:

Vodacom Black Friday special offers will be announced on its website or social media pages, as soon as Vodacom updates its promotion, The Edge Search will update you

Where to find Vodacom Black Friday deals?

Follow The Edge Search and social media to receive Vodacom updates.

The best deals available for Vodacom 2021 Black Friday


  • Internet for your mobile, laptop, tablet and more
  • Buy a USB dongle
  • Buy a router
  • 4G
  • LTE
  • Vodacom fiber
  • SIM data sharing
  • Daily Internet

Financial solutions

  • Contract coverage
  • Device insurance
  • Funeral cover
  • Cover of life
  • Legal coverage

Comfort and safety

  • Calling
  • Messaging
  • Emergency
  • Account services

Vodacom applications

  • My Vodacom app
  • Vodafone Guardian
  • Backup +

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