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There is a press release, dated May 19, 2020, concerning the formula. According to the press release, “Vision 20 by Zenith Labs is an eyesight-boosting supplement that also protects your eyes from multiple ailments. The product doesn’t comprise of any harmful agents, only the best minerals and nutrients that have been shown by science to be effective at supporting ocular health. It is currently up for grabs for a limited-time discounted price by the manufacturer.”

Vision 20 is an eye health supplement that improves sight with vitamins and other ingredients. The formula, which is based on a trick that is allegedly used by professional athletes, can improve night vision, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.

What is Vision 20?

Millions of people in the United States alone have to wear corrective lenses for their eyes. Even though eyesight is important to many people, just one set of glasses can cost well over $200-$300. Many optometrists even recommend yearly visits to update the prescription, adding another $300 bill every time. Even though consumers can take many exercises and vitamins to improve their vision, this information is rarely revealed when they swipe their credit card for another set of glasses.

With Vision 20, consumers are able to improve eyesight substantially, just by giving the body what it needs to support this sense. Whether the user wants to read more easily, view street signs more easily, or go back to driving at night, the vision’s improvement can completely improve their quality of life.

More specifically, the use of this formula may:

  • Improve how well the user sees at night or in low light
  • Improve clarity for nearsightedness or farsightedness
  • Reduce glare from computer screens and other reflective surfaces
  • Enhanced clarity of fine lines

Perhaps the best claim from this website is that it doesn’t take long to see a difference. In fact, the creators say that the use of Vision 20 can cause a change in the user’s eyesight within 15 minutes after the dose has been consumed. Developed by Dr. Ryan Shelton, the whole remedy is based on an “eyesight vitamin” that works for professional baseball players. While the secret has been hidden for years, the launch of Vision 20 makes the solution available to everyone.

How Vision 20 Works

To preserve and protect the eyes, Dr. Shelton says that the key is in the “color essence” of marigolds. The so-called essence is a combination of carotenoids, which are lutein and zeaxanthin. Theoretically, using these compounds will help the eyes protect themselves from certain types of radiation, ultimately improving their vision and reducing damage.

The carotenoids seem to work so well because it rids the body of ROS toxins, which can stiffen the muscles in the eyes and make them difficult to move. These muscles control every movement of the eyes, and there are many exercises to strengthen them, but the abundant presence of these toxins can render them almost useless. By the time the muscles stiffen for good, the user can no longer move their eyes, and their vision deteriorates rapidly. These toxins are also responsible for clouding the cells in the eye, which is why it becomes difficult at night to drive without brightness.

Both lutein and zeaxanthin can be found naturally in dandelions and marigolds. Still, it is incredibly difficult to get a high enough concentration to make any difference in the user’s vision. By combining these compounds at a high concentration in Vision 20, users can give their eyes exactly what they need.

Pairing the compounds with zinc will amplify the results. The formula is very careful not to overwhelm the body because it is too zinc, as it is an essential mineral for the immune system.

Purchasing Vision 20

When users place their orders, they have to decide whether they value a good deal or spending less on their total purchase. Though a single bottle may cost $49 (which is already a $30 discount off of the full retail value), customers can also order:

  • 3 bottles for $117 ($39 each)
  • 6 bottles for $198 ($33 each)
  • Shipping is free on every order.

Since every person needs a different level of care, the company offers a lengthy six-month return policy for a refund if the user’s vision does not improve.

Vision 20 Pricing
Vision 20 Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions About Vision 20

Is Vision 20 safe for everyone?

Every single bottle of Vision 20 is created with high safety standards, as dictated by Zenith Labs (the creator of this formula). Every ingredient that goes into the supplement goes through a testing process that ensures their purity and lack of toxins. IT is meant specifically for adults only.

Can the use of Vision 20 replace a prescription or any other medicine?

As effective as this formula may be, it should not replace a doctor-prescribed regimen. It supports general vision health, but individuals with any type of disease or medical condition may want to speak with their doctor before adding Vision 20 to their routine.

Will users still need to continue wearing their prescription glasses?

At this point, even for a glasses prescription, Vision 20 is no substitute for medical attention. Though there is plenty of evidence to show how quickly these ingredients work in the body to improve the user’s vision and eye muscle strength, any changes to the use of a prescription pair of glasses should be discussed with an optometrist. However, the use of Vision 20 should not conflict with it.

How should Vision 20 be taken?

Though full directions are not provided on the website daily, a-30 capsule bottle is meant to last through 30 days. Thus, users will need one capsule a day to get the desired benefits. There is no recommendation regarding the use of food or drink with the supplement, but most of this information should be available with the package once it’s received.

For any other questions, the customer service team makes themselves available via email at [email protected]

Bottom Line

Vision 20 creates an opportunity for consumers to improve their eye health without making an extra trip to the optometrist. Though it doesn’t replace the need for glasses, the nutrients inside can simulate muscle movements around the eyes to prevent stiffness and clouded vision. With over 9,000 men and women who have already used the remedy, consumers can feel confident in effect they may personally have.


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