VIP Capital Funding by Joshua Triplett & Team Became Messiah for Small Businesses Amid COVID-19


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Photo: Joshua Triplett, Owner and Executive Principal Managing Partner
Photo: Joshua Triplett, Owner and Executive Principal Managing Partner

Raleigh, North Carolina, 12th November 2020: This year, the world has endured an economic upheaval owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and its ripple effects. Amid these challenging times, leading Fintech firm, VIP Capital Funding, extended its invaluable assistance especially to small-sized businesses. The CEO of the company, Joshua Triplett, along with this team of consultants emerged as a messiah by guiding small business owners with marketing strategies. Addressing their massive financial crises, the team has aided several such firms in obtaining business funding through EIDL or Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

According to the CEO, “VIP Capital Funding’s prime objective has always been to ‘push businesses to back the shore’ so that they sail through smoothly. We guide owners to avail funding of up to $150,000 at 3.75% rate of interest with a 12-month deferment and a 30-year loan term.”  

What makes small businesses trust VIP Capital Funding?

Many business owners have put their trust in VIP Capital Funding for their positively reviewed reputation of expertise in communication, knowledge and speed. The prominent Fintech firm has also facilitated medium-sized businesses which don’t quite benefit from the EIDL through the Main Street Lending Program (MLSP). The MLSP program is designed for businesses doing at least $5 million in revenue with a $1MM EBITDA. It benefits medium-sized companies mostly due to serving as debt capital, by paying off all existing debts while leaving the clients with a clean slate and millions in working capital over the top.

“This shall allow small and medium-sized businesses to grow over the next 5 years as the world works on creating a vaccine for COVID-19 and bringing not only the United States back to great times but the Global Economy roaring back as well,” believes Joshua Triplett.

In the pre-coronavirus era, Triplett and his team marketed and aided small business owners with investor funding, also known as merchant cash advance. These loans usually come at a high interest rate, but VIP Capital Funding’s investors set early prepayment discounts on many loans, where the capital borrowed can be repaid between 8% and 15%.

The offer is substantially cheap and makes sense when a business owner requires the funds for 60 to 120 days only to turn a 300% – 500% gross profit. Having deployed correctly, these loans benefitted several business owners in increasing their annual gross revenue by 15% to 30% annually.  

VIP Capital Funding’s proficient consultants with 5-30 years of experience have facilitated their merchants in availing the fund. They have also successfully educated and displayed exceptional customer service by building a good rapport and gaining trust through the high success rate of 95%, in which VIP Capital Funding has been able to fund.

How else did the Fintech firm relieve business owners?

Another remarkable achievement of VIP Capital Funding is its strategic measures in taking pressure off the banks which were overwhelmed and, therefore, left many businesses seeking finds to mend their operational needs perplexed. Owners expressed their extreme gratitude towards VIP Capital Funding’s professional, dedicated, amiable and relentless approach to help bring funding to business owners in need.

Who is Joshua Triplett?

Joshua Triplett is an enthusiastic 28-year-old American business owner, executive principal managing partner of VIP Capital Funding, and investor. Among assets, he prefers to invest in stocks and crypto. Triplett holds a balanced portfolio in COVID-19 pharmaceutical stocks, as well as oil, energy, cannabis, cruise lines, airlines, REITs and retail, in which he believes to have been buying at a considerable discount with much upside in the years to come.

How was Joshua Triplett’s academic career?

An avid learner since childhood, Joshua Triplett has successfully achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree from the prestigious University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His hours of reading business and sales books, besides those in the academic curriculum, gave him a firm grasp and understanding of business exponentially at a young age. He also attended many seminars from where he gathered tremendous knowledge, and that has catapulted him into the position he serves today.

What is Triplett’s contribution to his team of consultants?

With his financial, sales and business skills honed at a masterful level, Triplett has proficiently spearheaded and generously cared for his employees. He harbours a mind-set in business where employees not only get paid in direct correlation to the problems they solve but are also left happy once a deal is done.   

Lastly, Joshua loves to make huge donations to St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital and Big Brother and Big Sisters of America. As the owner of VIP Capital Funding, he puts his team of dexterous financial consultants in the best position possible for them to succeed and prosper.

What is VIP Capital Funding?

Based out of Raleigh NC, VIP Capital Funding is a 20-employee company led by Joshua Triplett who creatively keeps his business running nearly 24/7. In the day, his adept financial consultants endeavour to help business owners receive funding. At night, his marketing team prepares the company’s financial consultants to encourage interested business owners to seek assistance and solve their financial problems efficiently. Started in a physical space, the CEO later developed a robust and elaborate remote business model that was able to pivot due to COVID-19.

Contact Details

You may get in touch with Joshua Triplett via his LinkedIn or Twitter handle. 

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Office Phone- 800-735-7754

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Will Winston, Vice President

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Cheynne Chong, Director of Risk Management

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Kenneth Lewis, Chief Financial Officer

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