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About version 21

What is the future of our festive landscape like? How can political participation be made more inclusive? What potential do new forms of political participation offer? And even to what extent is 70-year-old basic law party democracy sustainable?

On the occasion of the fall 2021 federal election, Z2X and the Futurium in cooperation with Federal Cultural Foundation discuss the future of work and political participation together with young visionaries, thought leaders, interested citizens and policy makers and think more. Together we design ideas for tomorrow’s democracy.

A version21 in July we address the question “Digital, direct, luckily: how do we want to participate politically in the future?”. Together with you, we would like to consider how political participation could and should be in the future. Will we all participate in citizen councils or will referendums at the national level become the norm? Will there be a right to vote for everyone? And to what extent should we think about future generations, artificial intelligence, and nonhuman living things? We ask ourselves these questions in the ideas workshop, develop possible solutions and discuss them in a round table with our guests.

The ideas workshop

Along with members of the Z2X community between the ages of 20 and 29 and with contributions from Katharina Liesenberg, Founder and board member of the Think & Do Tank is geht LOS as well as more than select e. V. i Hans Asenbaum, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Deliberative Democracy, University of Canberra, talk about what political participation might look like in the future. We will develop ideas and approaches that we will present at the attached July 10 roundtable and discuss with the audience.

The round table

day tank, Author, moderator and representative of people with disabilities in a district of Berlin, Marco Buschmann, First parliamentary manager of the FDP parliamentary group in the Bundestag i Katharina Liesenberg, Founder and Board of Directors is GO and more than choose e. V. debate on July 10 live on ZEIT ONLINE.

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