Up to 5 people for meetings from June 14


The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Thursday (June 10th) that the group limit for social gatherings will be increased from two to five people from June 14th.

The number of different visitors to homes in one day will also increase to five of the current two.

This measure comes as Singapore begins to ease restrictions after the number of Covid-19 community cases fell. It is the first step in Singapore’s plan to return to phase 3 (Augmented Alert), MOH said.

More restrictions eased after June 21st

From June 21, more restrictions will be eased and restaurants will be able to resume if the situation of Covid-19 remains under control in the coming weeks.

Wedding receptions, which are not currently authorized, can be resumed from 21 June. Wedding receptions may be resumed with up to 100 attendees, including wedding couples, but excluding vendors, with the need for pre-event rehearsals for all attendees.

Similarly, gyms and fitness studios will be able to resume sports activities covered with masks from 21 June. The safe distance of at least 2 m between individuals and at least 3 m between groups of up to 5 people must be respected.

Sports classes, both indoors and outdoors, will have a maximum limit of 30 people, including the instructor, in groups of no more than five people.

The co-chair of the multi-ministry COVID-19 working group, Gan Kim Yong, said the government wants to make sure the situation is “stable” before allowing the dining room to resume.

“Food is considered a high-risk activity because the masks are out of service,” he said during a press conference, ”he said.

MOH also said that as Singapore leaves this phase in the coming weeks, working from home will remain the default requirement.

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