Unlocking the patient consent puzzle


The latest version of Digital Health Unplugged is now live – this time discussing the issue of patient consent and data sharing in health.

In May, it was announced that a new primary care data collection service general practice data for planning and research (GPDPR) would be introduced to give planners and researchers faster access to pseudonymized patient information.

An implementation date was set for July 1, with the scheduled date until June 23 to choose not to participate. However, after considering that it was not enough to inform patients, the date was moved to September 1st.

Our group discussed whether this new deadline would be sufficient to inform patients about the program; give them the right information about the benefits of data sharing; and what should happen next.

In this episode you will know:

  • Phil Booth, MedConfedential coordinator
  • Osman Bhatti, East London GP
  • Anne Marie Cunningham, GP in Wales and member of the CCIO network
  • Andrea Downey, senior reporter for Digital Health

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