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Kiev, Ukraine – Michael Chobanian, a 37-year-old buccaneer educated at a British private school, speaks fluent English and Ukrainian customs, which he considers a largely lawless border and enjoys crossing with his Ferrari 612 black. He is the founder of Kuna, one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in Eastern Europe. For him, his home country is a great place to run a business, as long as you have the courage to navigate a system full of corruption.

The main advantage, he explains in his office overlooking the Dnieper River, is the kind of freedom that has not been seen in developed countries for hundreds of years.

Like, you can get away with your murder.

“In this country, you can kill a person and you won’t go to jail if you have enough money and you’re connected,” he said, sipping tea on a plush leather sofa. “If you are not connected, it will cost you more.”

The ethos of anything has haunted Ukraine for years, and now the government hopes to bury it, with the help of cryptocurrency. In early September, Parliament passed a law here that legalizes and regulates Bitcoin, the first step in an ambitious campaign both to incorporate the country’s thriving cryptocurrency trade and to change the nationwide brand.

“The big idea is to become one of the world’s leading jurisdictions for cryptographic companies,” said Alexander Bornyakov, two-year deputy minister of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. “We believe this is the new economy, this is the future and we believe …

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