UC Davis Health, AWS Launches Cloud Innovation Center for Health Equity


What you should know:

– Today, UC Davis Health has launched a Cloud Innovation Center (CIC), driven by Amazon Web Services (AWS), making the renowned academic medical center one of the American leaders in digital medicine.

– Focused on digital health equity, the UC Davis Digital Health CIC will allow physicians, patients, developers and students to exchange ideas, as well as design solutions and prototypes focused on making digital health more equitable and accessible worldwide.

Today, UC Davis Health i AWS will launch the world’s first Cloud Innovation Center (CIC) in an academic medical center that will allow physicians or clinical care providers, patients and developers to exchange ideas, as well as prototype and validate open source solutions focused on making digital health more equitable. and accessible worldwide. The UC Davis Health CIC will use Amazon is working the other way around principles and methodologies to improve health outcomes and find innovative solutions to use technology to address health disparities.

CIC: Advancing Digital Health Innovation with AWS

The pandemic has revealed and exacerbated health disparities and it is critical to prioritize neglected communities. The CIC will focus on using technology to help address some of these urgent issues to help find solutions. In addition, AWS recently announced a global program to support organizations working to improve health outcomes for underserved or underrepresented communities. Over the next three years, AWS will commit $ 40 million in credits and technical expertise to help organizations harness the power of cloud technology to advance health equity.

The CIC is UC Davis Health’s latest initiative to advance digital medicine through its Digital CoLab (Digital Collaborative for Innovation and Validation). Digital CoLab will serve as a link between physicians, researchers, students and the community to care for, co-create, covalidate and co-transform digital health solutions. The program is the digital health innovation hub for UC Davis Health and focuses on accelerating digital health technologies to make healthcare more accessible, equitable and inclusive for all.

“We are committed to advancing digital and data-driven care models to continue to deliver exceptional care and experiences to patients,” said Keisuke Nakagawa, executive director of the UC Davis Health Cloud Innovation Center and director of Digital CoLab innovation. “Our collaboration with Amazon Web Services will provide us with a tool to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit of our doctors, patients and developers in the region to provide a unique space where people who have never had a voice. Health will be the driving force. thought and innovation “.

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