UBC Partners with Seqster to Advance Patient-Centric Clinical Trials


3 Barriers to Decentralized Clinical Trials Adoption

UBClate-stage research and patient support services organization partners with Seqster PDM, Inc. (“Seqster”), a patient-centric healthcare technology company, to provide nationwide health record interoperability with patient engagement.

– UBC will use the technology to enable clinical and observational research to transition from traditional site-based studies to decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). Seqster’s turnkey white label solution facilitates the rapid move to a fully decentralized approach with automated data acquisition and abstraction.

Why It Matters

Traditional site-based clinical studies rely on manual data capture methods and in-person attendance of study participants. The pandemic has exacerbated the already costly and time-consuming patient recruitment and data capture components required to successfully conduct and complete clinical trials and observational studies. With the Seqster technology, UBC can combine nationwide real-time data interoperability plus patient engagement into a single platform and run faster, less expensive, and more effective studies.

“Seqster’s platform allows us to fundamentally modernize study designs by capitalizing on patient mediated medical record release, thus enabling the acquisition of consolidated longitudinal health care records without the reliance on manual site-based data entry. This capability significantly enhances UBC’s ability to aggregate and deliver high-quality data for evidence generation, ”said Aaron Berger, Executive Director, RWE of UBC. “The ability to integrate real-time, real-world data into any study is a game-changer for our clients.”

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