U.S. Inconclusive UFO Information Report: Reports


Intelligence officials were able to confirm that the unusual ships were not the product of the Pentagon’s secret technology, but were unable to explain the mysterious vessel. Copyright POOL / AFP DEBBIE HILL


The conclusion of a classified US intelligence report on the existence of alien UFOs is. . . not conclusive, U.S. media reported Friday.

The U.S. military and intelligence found no evidence that the seemingly advanced unidentified flying objects seen by military pilots were alien spacecraft, the report concludes, according to the New York Times and other media. informed about it.

But he also could not explain dozens of phenomena and incidents, some filmed by the pilots, and therefore could not rule out the existence of aliens.

According to the New York Times, citing senior unnamed administration officials, the report determined that most of the 120 incidents in the past 20 years had nothing to do with unknown or secret U.S. military or government technology.

Nor were they related to objects like search balloons, which some postulated were behind the reports.

But then he could not explain what, for example, U.S. Navy pilots saw when they recorded objects traveling at seemingly hypersonic speeds, spinning and mysteriously disappearing.

– Serious defense problems –

Although speculation about alien life has long been a domestic industry for conspiracy theorists, the large number of what the Pentagon calls unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) have made it a serious problem, amid concerns that US adversaries such as China and Russia may use unknown, highly advanced surveillance and military technologies.

The report, ordered last year, will be presented to Congress in late June by the director of national intelligence.

The main report will not be classified and may be made public, but there will also be a classified appendix, according to the Times, which will remain secret.

The report, according to the Washington Post, “will not offer firm conclusions about what the objects are. . . may be.”

Interest in the possibility of a highly intelligent extraterrestrial life was aroused after last year the Pentagon released videos, in which Navy pilots express surprise at fast-moving objects.

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Added were comments from top officials with access to intelligence, including former President Barack Obama, and a 60-minute CBS report in which pilots were interviewed about what they saw.

“What’s true – and I’m actually talking seriously here – is that there are images and records of objects in the sky that we don’t know exactly what they are,” former President Barack Obama told The Late Late Show on May 17.

“There are many more observations than have been made public,” John Ratcliffe, who was director of national intelligence for the past eight months of the Donald Trump administration, told Fox News in March.

“There are cases where we don’t have good explanations for some of the things we’ve seen.”

Luis Elizondo, who had worked on the Pentagon’s UAP research and urged him to reveal what he knows, said some of the observations suggest an extremely advanced technology unknown to humans.

“If the New York Times reports are accurate, the objects witnessed by pilots around the world are far more advanced than any other terrestrial technology known to our intelligence services,” he said in a tweet Friday.

“It’s time to publish the full report, videos & amp; data we’ve seen at the Pentagon. ”

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