Turns a Pull string light fixture into a Wireless Pull switch


Do you have an old draft lamp? Turn it into a light switch you want with this economical, three-minute non-electric repair. If I can do it, so can you.

Pull rope light fixtures are easily converted through this economical wireless solution in minutes. It is a fast solution that immediately improves the functionality of any room in your home.

When you have a vertical challenge, string light fixtures can be difficult. In fact, they can cause problems for many people, short or not.

Our 90s lake cottage came equipped with many rope fittings. Ceiling fans, built-in mounts, so to speak. They don’t always make sense in a room and they often feel outdated and out of place while we work to make this house.

See the full before and after from our cottage to the lake, and the before and after of this beautiful Laundry closet, too.

Traction light fixtures have been common in homes for a century. Although they have fulfilled their purpose, luckily they are not so popular these days and now I know why. It’s so easy to change them.

No more tripping or falling when you enter a dark room and stumble looking for the cord. You no longer have to open a dark closet and struggle to see what’s in the corner.

Fortunately, we have discovered the simplest solution to the old string light problem. No electrician needed. Learn how to turn your drawstring light fixtures into a modern, wall-mounted control.

Ceiling pull light on the ceiling
Pull chain light before

I love chatting about lighting with you! It’s one of my favorite ways to update a home and add personality. Read more about my favorite Brass lighting i Copper lanterns!

Light from the Pull chain

A light with a traction chain is often functional enough for less used spaces in your home. However, it is less aesthetically pleasing than other options and ceiling lights with light switches tend to wear out over time.

What is a Pull Chain Lamp?

It is a type of switch that is activated by a chain or chain. They are also called drawstring, chain stretch, and light stretch; they are common in many homes as an economical shortcut solution.

They are often used in construction houses, and often in closets, basements, and so on. They are economical and require less electricity because there is no switch.

A traction chain luminaire with a bare light bulb on a white ceiling.

Cord light switch

Turn the traction chain light into whatever you want. If you want to improve the lighting in your home, you will notice that the traction chain light options are often minimal.

They are mostly functional, with little reflection on design or aesthetics. Not anymore! No, you can buy any lamp you like and make it work without cable light switch.

These are the two best options we have found to carry out this project:

  • That wireless kit allows you to turn it on and off i blurred! You can use it with Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant, though none. It is free to install and no concentrator is required. The pushbutton works as a light switch, without any light.
  • That wireless remote light activates and deactivates the chain accessories with a classic switch. You can use it with the bulb you choose.
A modern gold recessed mounting lamp on a white ceiling.

How to turn a ceiling lamp with Pull Chain into a wall switch

  1. Purchase the wireless remote control light switch linked in this post.
  2. Replace the appliance with the light you choose.
  3. Screw the wireless receiver to the light.
  4. Screw the bulb into the receiver.
  5. Place the switch mounted on the wall according to the package directions.
  6. Now your new switch will control your fairly new light.


  • Most wireless conversion kits only support bulbs up to a certain power. For example, the kit linked here supports up to 150 watts when the bulb is on rise and a maximum of 60 watts when the bulb is off.
  • 50 ′ range with 4 selectable channels
  • Indoor use only
  • The socket adds 2.5 inches to the total height of the appliance
  • Works with all Edison Base bulbs: LED, compact or incandescent fluorescents.

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