Turning Burnout into Balance: Profiling the Post-Pandemic Energy Coach of Corporate America


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It wasn’t always a life of balance for accomplished creator, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management MBA, and widely known influencer as “the Energy Coach,” Michael Blunt. For years, he worked as a brand marketing leader in Corporate America, purchased his first home at 21, traveled to over 20 countries, and was always pushing for the next greatest thing. On paper, he had it all.

That was all just before he found himself checked into the emergency room from stress, burnout and sheer exhaustion. 

He, like many professionals on the grind, had gotten so used to forcing himself through situations that he hadn’t realized the direct impact it was having on his health. At that point, he started incorporating intentional wellness into his life. And now, he’s sharing his journey with the world — specifically, the same corporate world that drove him to burnout, and ultimately, led him to balance.

His latest venture, The C3 Method, became the #1 destination for coaching leaders on how to reprogram their life of stress and burnout to a lifestyle of balance. Fueled by his philosophy that 95% of our personality and personal reality is a set of unconscious thoughts, repetitive habits, and memorized behaviors, Michael is working hard to empower leaders to use highly effective and easy-to-learn tools that remove toxic patterns and reprogram the subconscious mind to a self-regenerative state of alignment. 

Michael has found so much success in this sphere that he created an easy, yet systematic approach to hacking the subconscious called the TFA™ reprogramming formula. A misstep that he noticed early on was the tendency of leaders to push through stress and burnout by outsourcing everything externally. Positive thinking, law of attraction books, mantras, and vision boards are amazing tools on the surface to escape the reality of mental overwhelm and emotional exhaustion, but what happens when it doesn’t work? This type of agency mentality can be frustrating, detrimental to the business, family life, and ultimately lead to searching for an even deeper sense of life satisfaction.

Michael adds, “See, there are thousands of leaders that look healthy and energetic on the outside, with plenty of awards and accomplishments to prove it, that go home every day burned out and miserable. The problem isn’t the focusing of their energy, it’s where they choose to focus that energy. By focusing inward and rewriting the hardware, or subconscious script, it allows for your conscious thoughts (what you want) to align with your subconscious belief systems (who you are).”

As the founder and CEO of his latest venture, The C3 Method, Michael initially oversaw corporate wellness as the silver bullet for highly productive teams and fast growing businesses. He created unique team building experiences surrounded around self-care, which combined team meetings with massages, meditation, and group yoga for several fortune 500 companies such as NBC Universal and the Yahoo company at Verizon. 

Yet, after producing dozens of these unique style team building events, Michael turned his focus to more top down efforts, working directly with leadership teams on coaching their employees while also providing virtual wellness (i.e. office yoga, meditatio, etc..) solutions. Not only empowering his clients to reach their goals, but also teaching them how to create a brand new reality. Mental manifestation is what some call it, Michael remains adamant that there is a science to calling forth your desires into physical matter. 

“My clients have reached a certain level of financial success, have attended the best schools, and broken the proverbial glass ceilings in their respective fields”, Michael adds, “but avoiding burnout and removing stress from the equation is something that evades even the most senior leaders of our country. That’s where I come in”

It’s the blockages that he’s after, reprogramming the reason behind the triggers, the charge behind the frustration, and the build up to stress that sets him apart as a fixer, the Wendy Rhoades of the hit tv show Billions, the Energy Coach of Corporate America.

Having worked and managed million dollar businesses as a brand marketer in corporate America for over 10 years on some of the world’s leading brands such as Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Michael brings a unique blend of business mastery and natural energetic science that translate directly to the needs of high functioning leaders who are looking to balance business success with personal fulfillment.

“Up until this point we have only been focusing on a small portion of our brain’s capacity, 5% to be exact. Leaving the other 95% on the table. That’s bad business in anyone’s book, we need to change the narrative if we want to see significant rather than marginal gains in our human development. That’s my part, coaching leaders and providing the tools to navigate this brave new competitive opportunity we call the subconscious brain. The massive upside potential is in our organic genius capabilities and analytic wisdom. Many are so caught up in the routines in life and dependence on outsourcing to external intelligence to even realize the limitless potential of our inner technology.”

To join Michael on his energy coaching journey in turning burnout into balance, check out his official Instagram or book a free discovery consultation through his website at The C3 Method.

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