Transplant Connect and Cerner speed up the process of organ donation and transplantation –


What you should know:

Transplant Connect, a Los Angeles-based medical software company that has introduced a new innovative technology known as iReferral and Cerner Corporation announce their new collaboration to enable automated donor referrals.

– For years, pairing transplant donors with those who need them has been a manual process that usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes for healthcare workers to make calls. Slowing down this process, staff shortages and intensive care units overloaded during the Covid-19 pandemic.

– This new technology is designed to help increase and accelerate potential referrals from organ, tissue, and eye donors to increase recipient matches, reduce missed opportunities for timely donation, and reduce the number of hours caregivers spend on donor referral process. This automation is especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, as intensive care units are overloaded.

Need for transplants

U.S. hospitals must promptly notify their designated organ procurement organization (OPO) of all potential organ, tissue, and eye donors, as required. regulationsof the Medicare and Medicaid Service Centers. The need for good donors is important in the US, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration:

– Every 9 minutes, one person is added to the transplant waiting list in the US

– There are currently more than 106,000 adults and children on the list.

– In 2020, about 39,000 transplants were performed in the United States

– 17 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant in the US

Enabling the donor identification and referral process in almost real time

The Cerner Millennium EHR iReferral interface engine and Transplant Connect will be integrated to enable a seamless, near-real-time donor identification and referral process, providing critical Cerner Millennium information to the iTransplant donor management platform, operated by Transplant Connect and used by organ procurement organizations. to manage their donor cases and facilitate donation and transplantation. Through this process, a potential donor is identified and perfectly addressed to the organ procurement organization through an electronic “organ donation order” where all relevant information is sent to the donor management system. iTransplant of the organ acquisition organization. The system then sends a notification confirming that the details have been received. This new automated process replaces the telephone shunting process that requires much more time and labor and is designed to improve the efficiency of the organ donation workflow, thereby reducing errors caused by manual data transfer and increasing the chances of a positive organ result. .


Initially launched at five different hospitals, this new integration has the potential to have a substantial impact. According to Transplant Connect, 74% of all U.S. and foreign organ procurement organizations use their iTransplant donor management systems, and approximately 4,500 of the just over 6,000 U.S. hospitals can refer organs, tissues. and / or donors to these organ procurement organizations on the iTransplant Platform.

“Cerner’s initiative and commitment to this integration will help drive the important paradigm shift of inefficient telephone-based processes in favor of near real-time automation. Our success here has a positive impact on thousands of hospitals while improving and accelerating critical steps in the donation process and increasing lives saved and cured through transplantation, ”said Transplant Connect founder and CEO John Piano .

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