Topography Health launches $ 27.5 million from Stealth to empower community physicians to conduct clinical trials of drugs


a16z + Bain supported Topography Health launches from Stealth with $ 27.5 million

What you should know:

Topography Health, a clinical trial startup focused on community physicians, launched today from stealth with $ 27.5 million in funding for Andreessen Horowitz i Bain Capital Ventures.

– Co-founded by the old Gerson Lehrman Group CEO Alexandre Saint-Amand, Surveying is making it possible for your GP to offer clinical trials of drugs as part of your practice. Not only for potentially terminal illnesses, but also for moderate chronic illnesses, where the standard of care is lagging behind. Your goal is for your GP to be part of a national network of hundreds of thousands of community physicians with the money, equipment, and staff to make local drug testing as accessible as possible. COVID test.

Why it matters

Barriers to accessing clinical trials are a chronic problem for Americans. Patients with insoluble health conditions may qualify for existing drug trials, but in many cases they are not examined or do not receive advanced biomarker testing. If patients access a state-of-the-art screening test and become eligible for the test, they must be allowed to travel or relocate to the test sites located within a handful of major subways. For patients with chronic health conditions, such as fatty liver disease, the lack of available drug trials means that when standard approaches such as weight loss and diet fail, a liver transplant becomes the most common. only treatment option (standard of care).

Potentially life-saving and life-enhancing therapeutics also wait years to move on to clinical trials. 86% of trial sites do not enroll the required patients and 50% never enroll any patients. Trial patient populations do not have a representative view of the U.S. population.

“The lack of patient diversity in clinical trials is a major bottleneck in the drug development process, and Topography addresses this by focusing on empowering physicians to efficiently build clinical research and research into their basic practice operations, “said Julie Yoo, general partner. Andreessen Horowitz. “With the rise of pharmaceutical and biotechnology funding, the demand for new researchers also continues to outstrip supply, creating great opportunities to unlock new research capacity among physicians and their patients.”

Empower community physicians to conduct clinical trials of drugs

Emerging after 18 months of stealth, Topography seeks to leverage the trust of the patient and local physician to reduce historical barriers to drug trial participation, unlock the challenges of drug development supply and demand, and bring exponentially more therapeutic in the market. The topography is a full white glove product of clinical trials and service experience that identifies, trains, and supports community physicians to expand their clinical research capabilities and scale up clinical trials in their communities.

By reducing the administrative and business management burden on the physician, Topography helps medical practices better understand their patient populations, recommends which studies have a high probability of absorption and impact, recruits and hires patients, manages and supports research staff . Topography’s digital workflow technology allows physicians to reduce process friction and manage all clinical data in one place. Its data science platform analyzes patient records to help physicians in various communities recommend and customize research for their patients, many of whom may have historically been excluded or overlooked by promising drug trials.


Topography is currently in beta with several community physicians, with an initial focus on metabolic diseases. He is actively recruiting community physicians nationwide to apply for medical research roles.

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