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Obtaining your CAM license allows you to start your career assisting owners. If you enjoy networking with others in your line of work, obtaining your CAM license may be your career path.

Five critical steps are required to obtain your Florida CAM license. If you are ready to get your CAM license, keep reading for the 5 step process to get your license and start your new career.

1. Take your necessary classes

To get yours license for community association manager in Florida, you must complete the 16-hour pre-licensing course. You can find these courses throughout the state.

2. Submit your certificate

After obtaining a certificate stating the completion of the course, the next step is to reach your community Association The Florida Manager License is to present your certificate of completion of the course to the state.

Your certificate is valid for one year, and if you fail the exam during this time, you will need to repeat the educational requirements.

3. Fill out and submit your application

After submitting your certificate, you can proceed to the DBPR application.

Submit your materials and rate.

Note: The DBPR conducts a background check, which may result in a brief delay in the process of obtaining a community association manager license in Florida.

  • Do not leave any blank space in your application.
  • For answers that do not apply, indicate “N / A”.
  • For background check questions, also answer “Yes,” including more clarifying information to help the state.

4. Get your fingerprints

When you have completed the documentation, have your fingerprints taken and sent to the DBPR. Some sellers may do the shipping for you, so be sure to ask if this is possible.

If you fail the exam within one year of completing your pre-license class, you may need to recover your fingerprints.

5. Study for and obtain your community association manager license in Florida

Once your requirements have been managed, it’s time to study to get your Florida Community Manager license.

To properly prepare for the exam, you should study the course chapters, pre-authorization text, and practice exams.

Once you feel ready, schedule an hour to take the exam through your Florida exam provider. Please note that you cannot take the exam until you have received confirmation of approval of the DBPR application.

The next step in obtaining a license for a community association manager in Florida is to take the state exam. To pass, you must score 75% or higher.

Expect to receive information about your results just over a week after the exam date.

After passing the exam, look for a job that allows you to use your community association manager license in Florida. You can get to career through a company or through direct contacts.

Pass the exam and get to work

For an enriching career, attend continuing education courses to be aware of any changes in responsibilities.

Now pass the exam and start building your career!

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