Top 10 Famous Cannabis Lines We’d Like to See


What do celebrities like Megan? Rapinoe, Snoop, Kristen Bell, Martha Stewart and Nathaniel Rateliff all have in common?

No, they don’t work together Frozen 3: Olaf gets some funk.

They all have a brand related to cannabis or cannabis. Because you know, why work for another World Cup when you can falcon CBD?

As the cannabis movement continues to be more common, celebrities are looking to add their names to a cannabis deal, so we’ve created the top 10 famous cannabis lines we’d love to see.

Kamala’s Kush – A blunt crop so stimulating that you will break all the glass ceilings from California to Washington DC makes you feel strong and powerful as if you could face the world.

Marjorie Taylor’s “Green” – A cheap weed that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Side effects include delusions, hallucinations, and loss of sense.

Regé-Jean’s-Edibles – You will burn all the bridges to get your hands on these sumptuous ones sweets. Just a little bit will make you feel warm inside and happy everywhere.

Greta’s gummy bears – Totally organic jelly beans. A big high head that will open your creative side. Side effects can include not being able to stop talking, even when no one is listening.

Barack Brownies – It gives you a fresh and smooth effect that leaves you inspired to do good things.

Sickle flower “A little strange.” cep which is great for helping you focus. Ideal for anxiety, it gives you a sense of calm even when things seem desperate.

Bloomberg Bud – Mostly marketing hype behind this outbreak. Super expensive with the promise of a big high, but it quickly runs out and leaves you wanting more.

Macchio Assemblies “An old idea is born again.” The basic 80’s pot brownie was repackaged to look a little different, but very familiar at the same time. Macchio’s Munchables will make you smile and give you a sense of nostalgia without doing much. Like an old 501 pair, basic but good.

Brady’s Baked Goods and Gronk’s Gummies – A limited edition gift bag that will be sold out soon. An edifying sativa. It gives you a Deja vu as if you had been somewhere several times before. When combined, you get the feeling that anything is possible. Also ideal for old and tired bones.

Pre-rolls by Billy B “Once and for all.” You feel fabulous! You are ready to go to the city and show off your stuff. These pre-rolls will make you feel strong, proud and very strong. Some people have reported seeing rainbow fog while using it, but say it adds to the full experience.

Legal notice: You know, so we don’t have any problems. None of the celebrities mentioned above had or had anything to do with this list, we invented it as satire. That being said, if they decide to do any of these, we call them dibs! ⁇

What famous cannabis brands would you like to see? Tell us @cannatechtoday with the hashtag #celebcanna and we’ll share our favorites in the next issue.

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