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Being tired all day is very common and even expected. If this tells you, here are some things that could cause it.

We all go through moments in life when we feel too tired and wasted energy. Feeling tired is one of the most common feelings of people, regardless of their age. About a third of people reportexperiencing it on a regular basis.

Sound problems they affect a large percentage of people and have a significant impact on our health. These problems can be difficult to deal with, perhaps because they reflect our overall lifestyle. Sleep can be affected by stress, diet and activity level. To improve it, go from the ground up, analyzing the different factors that can be unbalanced and cause sleep problems.

Here are four factors that can contribute to fatigue:

You don’t get enough sleep

The risk of dementia in this group increases when you sleep too little
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While it’s obvious, sometimes the reason you’re tired is that you don’t get enough sleep. Many people prioritize other things over sleep, getting less than seven or eight hours a night. While it is sometimes not an option to get the recommended distribution of sleep, you should do your best to develop a healthy and functional bedtime routine, where you can go to bed at the same time each time. night, which allows quality sleep. This translates into a feeling of calm the next morning and only occurs when you sleep for long periods of time without interruption.

You are eating the wrong foods

5 ways to know if you have a bad relationship with food
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What you eat and drink can affect your sleep and whether you feel active or not. People with certain food allergies may feel more tired than normal or experience headaches and other symptoms that make them feel lethargic. Excessive consumption of energy drinks could also cause a malfunction and make you feel tired in the long run. They help you feel a quick burst of energy, but once the caffeine or sugar is gone, a rebound effect is likely to appear.

Your life can be too sedentary

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A sedentary lifestyle can increase levels of exhaustion. Fortunately, small changes in your daily life can better affect your activity levels. Taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator and adding a daily walk to it can make you feel more energetic and feel stronger and healthier.

Too much stress

Stress Vs.  Burnout: What's the difference?
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Chronic stress can affect many aspects of your life, including energy levels. A study conducted on university students demonstrated that, as a defense mechanism, participants ’bodies experienced exhaustion when they experienced a lot of tension. There is no direct way to deal with stress, but learning coping mechanisms to deal with it can result in less exhaustion in the long run.

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