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Fireworks are a tricky thing. For some, they are wonderful. For others, they are a nightmare. While society works to recognize that fireworks are not universally loved or welcomed, we still have a long way to go when we think of those who are caused by loud noises and booms, and those who have no voice to speak and raise. se. for themselves.

Animals belong to the category of the voiceless, terrified by fireworks. From wildlife, stray and even pets, every year at this time can be horrible. If you have a pet, you will love its safety and comfort as you prepare for the July 4th holiday weekend.

I contacted a Los Angeles-based rescue organization Removals and walks, (of which I am a former member and where I found and adopted my dog), along with Lindsay Butzer, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and leading brand in pet supplements Zesty Paws, Spokesperson, for your tips on how to keep your dog safe and quiet during fireworks.

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“With all the excitement of preparing and celebrating July 4, it’s easy for pet parents, especially those who haven’t seen how their pets react to fireworks, to forget that July 4 may be a time difficult animals, ”explains Butzer. Here are some tips to keep you and your pet ready for explosions:

  • To avoid the risk of injury, keep your pets away from fireworks explosions. The loud sounds of fireworks can scare them, scare them and disorient them, which can cause them to run away. It is best to make sure that the main doors are closed and, even better, that they are in a closed and secure space.
  • Fireworks and leftovers that, like all things that pets (especially dogs) find for the first time, could be tempted to eat. Therefore, remove all leftover debris before allowing pets around.
  • July 4th staples like corn, dessert, bone-in barbecue, and anything that contains alcohol are other important items to keep your legs (and mouth) away.
  • Finally, the weather: in many places, July will be almost the hottest time, and with so many celebrations outside, it’s important to make sure our pets don’t overheat.

Wags and Walks, a 501 (c) (3) that has rescued more than 7,000 dogs in the last ten years, provided some additional tips:

Label and microchip your pet

The biggest fear during fireworks and sound celebrations is the possibility of losing the four-legged beast. Make sure your pet wears a sturdy, appropriate collar with an up-to-date ID tag and make sure the microchip information is also up to date.

  • ID tags: If your furry companion has no ID tags, go to your nearest pet dealer. There are even GPS tracking tags that help you track where your puppy is if they manage to get out.
  • Microchips: If you are unsure of your pet’s microchip or are not yet chipped, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian before day 4. Once your chip has been placed and / or checked, you can see their status online here.

They also advise keeping your pets indoors: “This is crucial! Hearing dogs is up to four times more sensitive than ours, so loud noises often lead them to extreme panic, jump fences, and possibly run away. Make sure the doors are closed and the windows closed during fireworks and celebrations. Keeping your puppy safe inside will ensure their safety and may even save their lives.

“As much as we want our pets to celebrate with us on this joyous occasion, for some animals, at least those that are known to protrude easily or consume strange objects,” Butzer agrees. The following DVM tips will help your pet stay calm:

  • Place pets in a safe and secure place when they cannot be properly controlled. No matter where they are, they are more likely to continue to be at risk of being scared or disturbed by the loud sound of fireworks.
  • If it’s packaged, cover it with a blanket to dim all the lights and make sure they have a few comfort items (blankets, toys, chewing gum, etc.) for the big fuss.
  • For best results, start giving supplements to your pet to help them relax Zesty Paws Calming Bites 3-4 days before the quarter, so the ingredients have a chance to build up in your system and be more effective during the celebration. Zesty Paws soothing bites can help keep pets composed and make it easier for them to deal with noise and excitement. They are fed a form of non-transgenic L-theanine called Suntheanine®, which stimulates alpha waves in the brain to help animals feel more comfortable during times of stress. They also contain soothing commodities such as organic chamomile, valerian root, thiamine and L-tryptophan.

According to Wags and Walks, parents of pets should also consider analyzing vests and reducing anxiety. Medterra’s pet formulated CBD to help keep your dog calm. Use the code “wagsnwalks” to get a 15% discount on your purchase in Medterra and to return a portion to the Wags and Walks rescue. In addition, they suggest asking your veterinarian about using medications to relieve stress or going to a trusted trainer for guidance.

For more tips on keeping your dog safe and quiet during fireworks, check out the full Wags and Walks blog here. And watch his video below:

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