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Every year, I end up with at least a few items I need for the gift wrap that have a weird shape or I don’t want to wrap in the box it came in (maybe so I can fit it in a sock, for example).

Aside from using a gift bag bought at the store, I thought I’d give you three tips for using the gift wrap to dress up these types of stylish gifts.

In this post we are working with Walmart. I received all of these gifts there, along with everything I needed for the gift wrap. I love the variety of options, so it’s easy to find things for anyone on your list.

And I love the convenience (whether buying in person or online) of being able to get gifts, as well as gift wrap and other random items you may need or even buy groceries. It’s super convenient.

Here are all the gifts in different ways I was working with. What a variety! He cooler it is very beautiful as well as functional if you like days on the boat, camping or other outdoor adventures.

He earphones i massage they are a great gift for hard-to-buy partners or other family members.

I love the idea of ​​that air purifier—I saw that this is a great gift for a mother or also for MIL. And the set of jade rollers i makeup brushes Make a great stocking stuffer for friends or for yourself. Lol.

You can buy each item below:

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Tip 1: Cylinder sheet

This works well for anything that is cylinder shaped. Simply wrap the gift in a wrapper like a Tootsie Roll and then fold the top and bottom like a fan. Cut out a circle of the same gift wrap and ribbon on top and bottom and you’re done. Easy!

Tip two: Folding the gift bag

This works well for gifts that are round or other weird shapes (anything really). The idea is that you are making a gift bag with wrapping paper.

Use a long rectangular wrapping paper for this, long enough so that once folded in the center, the gift can fit inside.

Then fold the bottom like a paper bag (like from the grocery store).

Once the gift is inside, fold the top closure like an envelope and add a bow or gift tag. Another option is to leave the top closure open and fill it with tissue paper.

Tip three: Folding the envelope

This is best for items that are flat, like the set of makeup brushes you had.

Use a square or rectangle of paper and turn sideways. Then fold like an envelope (see pictures above). You can then add a bow or gift tag.

I added evergreen ribbons and twigs to these gifts just to give them a little more. Happy gift wrapping season! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy

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