Tips for medical graduates we least expect


Every year doctors have used social media, we’ve talked about the start of July for new doctors. And every year we offer our advice to medical graduates.

Each year, new graduates echo their cries of reserve. And every year we keep on telling them that everything will be fine. The tips and tricks for surviving what you can’t survive are almost too numerous to follow on Twitter.

But the reality that few of us like to spread is that change is really hard.

This year’s move to the residence will be just one of the many important transitions this generation will face. Our field will emerge more quickly over the next few decades than at any time in history. The interruption of the fundamental elements of how we frame diseases and therapy will occur per year rather than per century. And the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment will be a defining feature of this medical generation.

The medical life of this generation will be a series of real-time updates. The doctors will all be endless novices.

Tips for medical graduates: be flexible

There are predictable foundations of drink more water i be kind to the nurses. But there are few among us who can help these young doctors really plan what awaits us. Because we really don’t know.

In 2015, when Eric Topol delivered his inaugural speech in the graduate class of Baylor College of Medicine, he was asked what would be a key attribute of a candidate for a medical school today.

Your previous answer: Flexibility.

Change and transition are tough. But we could look beyond survival and see the unique opportunity we have at this time in the history of our profession.

Congratulations and welcome to the medical generation of endless newbies.

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