Three EASY Sugar Scrub Ingredients


It is a fragrant and luxurious sugar scrub made with basic ingredients in the kitchen. You will find that it is an easy and economical sugar scrubbing recipe, ideal for giving away or washing your worries with a little self-care.

Learn how to make your own sugar scrubs easily and affordably at home, perfect as a gift.

Originally posted on December 19, 2012 and updated on May 7, 2021 with new content and photos.

I have been making homemade sugar scrub for over 20 years. It’s quick and easy, inexpensive and makes every shower feel like a day at the spa.

Sugar bush is made with just a few basic ingredients and favorite essential oils. You can even add herbs to get some color, texture and fragrance.

It leaves the skin soft as a silky silk, washing away any dead skin cells while closing in moisture. It is a natural exfoliant!

A glass jar full of a sugar bush recipe, with fresh mint stalk nearby.

You can use a sugar scrub on your body and feet, and it can even be used on your lips. It is perfect for a pedicure at home and more! No need to shop at the store when it can be made at home.

They also make a nice gift.

Why you will love this sugar scrub recipe

  • So easy to do
  • Pantry Ingredients: Have them on hand.
  • Ideal as a gift
  • Easy to customize
A homemade sugar scrub with lavender, in a glass jar on a white surface.

These are a wonderful gift for friends, teachers, neighbors and family. To give away, simply tie a ribbon around the stick jar. You can also add a tag.

Baker’s twine it always makes you feel festive. A single run will last for years and will only cost $ 8. You can also use any slim ribbon, like the sweet one hairy one shown here.

A homemade sugar scrub with lavender, in a glass jar on a white surface.

Make your own homemade sugar scrub with just four ingredients. It only takes minutes to assemble a batch of natural body scrub for you or a nice gift.

Two jars of homemade sugar scrub on a marble surface, fresh rosemary stalk in the foreground.

I like to make gifts for those who love me. When contemplating what to give to one of my friends for her birthday, I knew I wanted to give her something natural.

After all, we often talk about taking a step back and looking at the products we use and the things we consume and consider chemicals, artificial flavors, and so on.

Years ago, a friend made me create my own bath products. I immediately remembered the rosemary-mint scent! It’s so invigorating for winter! It’s a great gift from hosts!

A homemade sugar scrub with lavender, in a glass jar on a white surface.

Ingredients for body exfoliation of sugar

  • Sugar – White granulated sugar is perfect for sugar scrubs and you probably already have this ingredient on hand. If you are looking for a more resistant exfoliation, you can try a thicker ground sugar.
  • Oils – An excellent oil to block moisture and help the skin look its best.
  • Fresh or dried herbs – Add a nice color, aroma and texture to your sugar. Most supermarkets carry dried rosemary in their bakery section and fresh produce.
  • Essential oil – It just smells amazing! In addition to its delicious scent, green mint is said to help elevate and energize your mood. It can also help you focus.

How to make a natural body scrub

  1. Combine
  2. Add herbs or zest (Optional)
  3. Add essential oils
  4. Can

Each batch gives 4-5 5.4-ounce jars.

Sugar bowl and clear glass bottles placed on a white surface, fresh lavender stem in the foreground.


One of the reasons I like to make my own natural bath recipes is that I can adapt each batch of recipes depending on what ingredients I have on hand, the season or if I make it as a gift. I have created a variety of sugar bush variations as well milk bath recipes.

Sugar Scrub is very adaptable. Here are some tips on ingredient substitutes, but don’t limit yourself to these. If you use any variation, I would love to know. Please leave a comment below.

  • Sugar variations – Any sugar you have on hand should work well in this recipe. However, sugar is not the only option when it comes to a mild exfoliant. Sugar smells amazing, but if you want to try some other options, you can try: brown sugar, coffee, sea salt or coarse ground sugar,
  • Oil variations – I love all the health benefits of oil in sugar bushes. I have tried most of these and have seen that each has its own benefits for keeping my skin healthy and glowing. Test, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, carrot oil or vitamin E oil.
  • Herbal variations – You can use fresh or dried herbs in sugar bushes, but it is easier to keep them dry by hand. Some great options include lavender, rosemary and mint, as shown throughout this post.
  • Variations of essential oils – Essential oils have an incredible aroma, but are very powerful. If in doubt about a particular oil, mix a drop of essential oil with a carrier oil and do a small skin test first. Options include, lavender, lilac, rosemary, mint, orange, clove, lemon, lime and grapefruit.
A scrub of homemade sugar with lavender, in a glass jar on a white surface, with a golden spoon next to it.

Benefits of Sugar Scrub

This DIY body scrub is ideal for skin care of the whole body, exfoliation in the shower and also to detect treatment areas that need extra attention.

I like to keep a pot in the kitchen to pamper my hands after washing dishes or for a firm hand wash after working in the garden. After cleansing, grape seed oil helps moisturize the skin leaving it soft and hydrated.

Spearmint Sugar Scrub also works well for a gentle exfoliant for cracked lips. I love how green mint cools dry lips and lets them cool down.

How to use Sugar Scrub

With a small spoon, take 1 tablespoon of rubbing sugar directly on the skin. Rub in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells. Rinse with warm water and dry. Your dry skin will thank you for it!

A homemade sugar scrub with lavender, in a glass jar on a white surface.

How to store

Small jars with narrow lids are the best way to store sugar bushes. I like to use glass jars for pallets if I store them for use in the kitchen. However, choosing a plastic jar is the safest and best way to use it in the shower.

When stored at room temperature, this bush will keep for up to two months.

  • Glass jar with wooden spoon
  • Thumbnail Mason Jar
  • Weck Jar
  • Can be capped with swivel lid
A glass jar full of a sugar bush recipe, with fresh mint stalk nearby.


Giving gifts is a beautiful way to show love and gratitude. Homemade gifts like this sugar scrub can be simple, easy, and frugal, though they can have a big impact in showing that you care.

I donated my homemade natural bath recipes as gifts for Christmas, in themed gift baskets, as gifts from teachers, to friends and family.

As a gift, choose a nice little jar to store your homemade sugar scrub. It can even be a recycled jar. Consider who you are giving away as well and the season. I like to add some warm spices like cinnamon or clove for winter gifts.

Floral perfumes are great for spring and choose perfumes like citrus for a refreshing summer scrub. A simple ribbon around the jar is enough to wrap, but you can also use a gift bag or basket. Don’t forget to add an expiration date tag.

Two small glass bottles with gold lids filled with sugar scrub, tied with a bow, fresh lavender in the foreground.

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  • 3 cups white granulated sugar

  • 1 cup grape seed oil

  • 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon dried rosemary herb

  • Green mint essential oil


  • Large bowl

  • Measuring cups and spoons

  • Spatula

  • Storage jars


  1. Combine sugar and grape seed oil in a large bowl.
  2. Stir in the dried rosemary.
  3. Add peppermint essential oil as desired.
  4. Mix well to combine sugar, oil, herb and essential oil.
  5. Put them in clean, dry, glass or plastic jars.


It is stored for up to 2 months at room temperature in a closed container.

Use it in the shower, on your hands after washing and on your lips to exfoliate.

With a small spoon, take 1 tablespoon of rubbing sugar directly on the skin. Rub in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells. Rinse with warm water and dry.


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