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The COVID-19 advance is causing a lot of tension to inoculated people. This is what these infections have in common in people who have the Pfizer vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccines have slowed the pandemic, being the only measure capable of applying some control. Although the first months of the year were marked by a sharp decline in COVID-19 cases, this has not been the case in recent weeks, with new variants in circulation and groups of people not yet inoculated. Then there is the COVID-19 advance.

According to the CDC, advanced cases of COVID-19 refer to any case where someone gets COVID-19 two weeks after receiving their final shot of COVID-19. Much is unknown about these infections, but new research has found a trend in more than 40% of advanced cases of COVID-19 in people inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine.

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The study, published in the journal Clinical microbiology and infection, followed by 152 participants who had been inoculated with Pfizer and tested positive for COVID-19. The study concluded that 40% of these patients were immunosuppressed, including people undergoing chemotherapy, organ transplant recipients, and so on.

A deeper dive into the study showed that people with comorbidities constituted a significant sample of infections. Seventy-one percent of patients had hypertension, 48% had diabetes, 27% had heart failure, and so on. Only 6% of patients with advanced infections had no comorbidities.

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“We found that severe COVID-19 infection, associated with a high mortality rate, could develop in a minority of fully vaccinated individuals with multiple comorbidities. Our patients had a higher rate of comorbidities and immunosuppression compared to with unvaccinated hospitalized COVID-19 patients who were previously reported, ”the study authors said.

Despite these seemingly alarming data for immunocompromised individuals, advanced COVID-19 infections remain very low. The real risk lies in people who are not vaccinated, who continue to form most of the COVID-19 infections and deaths that are now news. These deaths and infections are preventable; people just have to go shoot.

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