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A TikTok viral hack claims to clear up nasal congestion with an herb you probably have in the kitchen. This is what the experts think about it.

TikTok is no stranger to advice on how to take care of your mental health, to chaotic ideas to get your ex back. A new hack aims to help relieve people’s nasal congestion by getting a clove of garlic into their nose, leading to viral videos of people doing this. Aside from the gross factor, is there any truth in these claims?

Nasal congestion dries out the mouth, creates pressure on the head and makes daily activities such as breathing and eating difficult. Still, getting a clove of garlic down your nostrils seems like a very extreme action, no matter how desperate you are.

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TikTok videos suggest peeled garlic can clean the nostrils in detail. Medical experts say this is not accurate and can actually lead to medical complications.

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Dr. Anthony Del Signore explained a Self Magazine that the reason mucus comes out of the nostrils when you place garlic cloves in it is because your nose responds to an intrusion. “You’re not really cleaning the nasal cavity. What basically happens is that it causes a caustic irritation in the nasal cavity, “he said. The nostrils become inflamed and mucus is the way to deal with the irritation.

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A more troubling issue is the fact that garlic cloves are the perfect way for an object to stay in the nose. A blocked nasal passage can cause breathing difficulties and even an infection. If you are sick and your system is already having problems with the infection, introducing a clove of garlic through your nose can multiply bacteria and make things worse. “Bacteria love organic things,” says Dr. Del Signore.

The next time you see a TikTok recommending something that goes against your basic instincts, don’t listen to it. No matter how congested it is, there is never a sufficient reason to put a clove of garlic inside the body.

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