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A review of COVID-19 and the side effects of Pfizer’s shot found that this rare condition is more common in people who have had problems with the disease.

COVID-19 is a condition we are just beginning to understand. The virus affects people in different ways, producing long-term effects that can manifest in unexpected ways, such as recurrent fatigue or chronic headaches. One of these rare side effects is myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle.

Although still uncommon, this condition is the one that caused a lot of interest in people, especially after there were a number of cases related to the Pfizer vaccine. A recent study found that the side effect of myocarditis is more common in people who experienced COVID-19 than in people who received the Pfizer shot.

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This vaccine makes it more likely to get a COVID-19 advance
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The study obtained its electronic health records from more than 2 million people who provided data on both COVID-19 infections and vaccine adverse reactions. The mean age of people who developed myocarditis after receiving the vaccine was 25 years, and 19 of the 21 cases belonged to men. Other rare side effects associated with Pfizer’s shot include swollen lymph nodes, appendicitis, and shingles.

The study found that while myocarditis was more common in vaccinated people, the risk was higher in people who had contracted the virus. “Like the New York Newsexplain“There were 11 additional cases of the disease per 100,000 people who had been infected with the coronavirus, compared to those who had not.”

Despite these risks, scientists are firm on the success rate of the vaccine. “Coronavirus is very dangerous and very dangerous to the human body in many ways,” said Ben Reis, co-author of the study. he said the Time. “If the reason someone has hesitated so far to get the vaccine is the fear of this very rare and not usually very serious adverse event called myocarditis, well, this study shows that this same adverse event is related to a risk higher if you are not vaccinated and you get infected ”.

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This research was initiated after several cases of myocarditis in young men who received the Pfizer vaccine, which, according to a review, could cause myocarditis in men aged 16 to 17 for a chance of every 5,000.

While these cases of myocarditis should be controlled, getting the COVID-19 vaccine is even less risky than making all your bets with a very rare side effect.

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