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Did you know that 69% of people refuse to date someone with bad teeth, with yellow teeth as the least attractive feature? No wonder every year, millions of Americans invest in teeth whitening treatments in search of that perfect smile.

But, teeth whitening often comes at a great cost, both to a person’s health i wallet.

On average, teeth whitening costs more than $ 650, not to mention its many negative side effects, including pain and discomfort that can last for days.

While many are willing to go through expensive and painful procedures to get a bright, confident smile, these options are far from the best solution.

Still, everyone deserves to feel confident in their smile. Enter: NEW.

NEU era voted as the number 1 tooth whitening brand for its more than 1 million customers for its fast, smooth and affordable line of home whitening products.

And they have great news to share. The SNOW team has taken an essential element for day to day life and transformed it into a game-changing whitening product that guarantees results without adding any steps to your daily oral care routine.

Welcome to the new SNOW LED electric toothbrush.

If you have coffee, wine or tea stains and are looking for a whitening treatment to facilitate your routine, this whitening product is perfect for you.

NEU’S LED electric toothbrush it is one of the first of its kind. Its main feature is its Blue LED light for bleaching, and is also equipped sound technology for his deeper, the majority nice net.

We know what you’re thinking; Is Blue LED Light Really Effective for Teeth Whitening?

The good news: they are!

Blue LED light is a proven method to whiten teeth and remove years of stains, safely and quickly. For years, SNOW has been known on the Internet for its famous bleaching kit, which, you guessed it, includes blue light LED technology.

And now, SNOW is changing the game by integrating this same technology into its all-new whitening toothbrush. while you brush, instead of adding one more step to your routine.

Other features include all the essentials of a quality electric toothbrush, such as a built-in smart timer and 4 different configurations to ensure everyone’s smile is taken care of: clean, whitening, polishing and sensitive. In addition, its long-lasting battery and charging base make it always ready for your next use.

Needless to say, SNOW’s new LED electric toothbrush is nothing short of revolutionary. Whether you are preparing for a big date or going to a wedding, the NEU LED electric toothbrush it’s exactly what you need to leave a lasting impression.

What is included when you invest in your smile with the SNOW LED electric toothbrush?

  • Sound technology for better cleaning
  • Blue LED light from SNOW signature for bleaching
  • 2 minute timer with 30 second intervals for better brushing
  • 4 unique brushing modes for all your smile needs
  • Long-lasting battery with charging base
  • Includes (2) LED brush heads

Not more dreaming On that whiter smile, it’s time to take action! For a limited time only, all readers of LA Weekly get an additional 10% discount SNOW LED electric toothbrush with the code “LAWEEKLY10”.

Don’t expect to shine with confidence. Love your smile and shine with SNOW today.

Take advantage of SNOW’s special offer while it lasts!

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