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This low-risk activity, which has grown in popularity during the pandemic, may be your new fitness exercise.

Walking is one of the most common activities in the world, without the necessary equipment. Aside from taking us from point A to point B, walking is also a form of exercise that everyone can commit to, regardless of their age or fitness level. According to CNN, hiking, an increasingly popular activity, can burn even more calories.

Walking and walking are two very similar activities. Like most cardiovascular workouts, they improve bone and heart health, improve balance, and strengthen the core. The main difference between the two is the level of energy required, with hiking, an activity that takes place in nature and is usually accompanied by changes in terrain and gradient, gaining ahead.

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“Walking is one of the best heart health workouts for all ages, including those with heart problems and conditions,” said cardiologist Dr. Fahmi Farah. “Hiking is also heart-healthy and provides greater calorie burning in a shorter period of time.”

Both activities are healthy and good to help you manage stress. Excursions tend to be more strenuous, burn more calories, and distract you more from the problems of your daily life. The fact that excursions usually put you in close contact with nature is also an advantage. with related studies happiness surrounding nature.

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Walking and walking are activities that we should incorporate more into our lives. In 2020, more than 57.8 Americans said they did hiking, a figure that has increased over the years. It is a malleable activity that provides you with a good change of pace from the gym, that can be done with friends and that adapts to your preferences.

Like walking, hiking also creates a perfect opportunity to consume weeds, resulting in an elusive workout that is both healthy and a lot of fun. Just remember to go on excursions with a group of friends, be discreet and respect others, start slowly and make the most of your experience.

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