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Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke with CNN and provided an estimate of the end of the pandemic.

In an interview with CNN, Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said there is a clear plan to contain the pandemic by 2022, but that it is “up to us” to contain it.

“If we can spend this winter and vaccinate the majority, overwhelming majority of the 90 million people who have not been vaccinated, I hope we can start to have good control in the spring of 2022,” he said.

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This vaccine makes it more likely to get a COVID-19 advance
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Dr. Fauci believes that by vaccinating the vast majority of Americans, the majority of the community could have a degree of protection as early as the spring of 2022, giving us all a semblance of normalcy and returning to our daily lives. .

Knowing that many predictions like this have been made in the past, Dr. Fauci was clear in explaining that if people don’t act fast enough, another variant like Delta could show up and derail the entire recovery process in a few months, such as it’s happening now. “This is a very cunning virus. We thought we would have that degree of freedom when we entered the fourth of July and the summer, ”he said. “Then comes the suction cup blow with the delta variant, which is extraordinary for its ability to spread from person to person.”

New variants emerge when the virus finds new unvaccinated bodies to contaminate, spread, and survive in ways that are more difficult for people to recover.

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Despite the seemingly slow progression of vaccinations, the fact that the Pzifer vaccine has gained FDA approval means more people will be open to receiving the vaccine. States that have taken measures to promote vaccination, such as allowing indoor food only to vaccinated people and only vaccinated people, will contribute to faster vaccination.

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