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This new study suggests that it is best to work during this time when it comes to treating your metabolic health.

Before going out to enjoy some morning time in the summer sun, a new study found that evening exercise might be the most effective way to improve metabolic health. The researchers found that physical exercise performed during this time was able to better moderate the negative side effects of a fatty diet, something morning exercises were not able to do.

The study, published in the journal Diabetology, reduced his attention to sedentary and overweight men. Unlike other studies where training time is introduced and important health data are collected, these researchers also monitored participants ’meals.

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Participants only consumed a diet consisting of fatty foods that were sent home through delivery. After five days following the diet, they returned to the labs to take the vitals and began their training sessions, scheduled in the morning or evening, depending on the group to which they were included.

For all groups, the results were not as good after consuming fatty meals for five days in a row. But the group that worked during the mornings had the same molecular and elevated blood cholesterol patterns that suggested cardiovascular and heart disease. The group of the night had much better results.

After five days of training, they had lower cholesterol levels and had better cardiovascular health in the bloodstream. They also developed better blood sugar control at night, which neither the control group nor the group that worked in the morning experienced.

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In short, evening exercise was able to reverse some of the harms of a fat diet, while morning exercises were not.

This exercise was performed in a limited group of subjects, in highly controlled situations. It doesn’t suggest that exercising in the morning is bad (any type of workout is better than no exercise), but it does suggest that night workouts can affect the meals you ate that day, especially if they are fatty and harmful to cholesterol. .

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