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New research shows that this unique factor can significantly improve people’s antibody response to COVID-19.

Pandemic fear is on the rise again, this time due to the rapid spread of the Delta COVID-19 variant. Although the guidelines have not changed (the main safety measure remains the vaccine), many people are confused by the increase in the number, especially since they began to feel that the pandemic was coming to an end. New research suggests that one factor is critical in determining how many antibodies you develop.

He to study, published in Journal of the American Medical Association, examined the variable responses in people’s immune systems when exposed to the virus. It showed that younger individuals developed significantly more antibodies than older ones.

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The researchers analyzed 50 participants two weeks after receiving the second shot of the Pzifer vaccine. The groups were divided according to their age and their blood was tested against the original coronavirus strain and the Gamma variant, first detected in Brazil.

Participants in the younger group, all in their twenties, had antibody responses seven times stronger than participants in the larger group, between the ages of 70 and 80. The study showed that as more people got older, weaker was his immune response. However, vaccines continued to be very effective for older adults.

“The vaccine still produces strong immune responses compared to the natural infection in most older people, even if they are lower than their younger counterparts.” said study co-author Marcel Curlin. “Vaccination in this group can make the difference between serious and mild illnesses and probably reduces the chances of transmitting SARS-CoV-2 to another person.”

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COVID-19 vaccines remain the safest way to continue our daily lives right now. With the Delta variant on the rise, even those who are vaccinated will have to weigh their risks against the activities they want to do, taking protective measures such as wearing face masks indoors when transmission levels in the their communities are elevated or when they have to deal with comorbidities.

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