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A new study found a link between consuming both alcohol and favorable heart health.

When we talk about alcohol consumption habits, most of us look for ways to reduce it or at least keep it below a certain margin. Thanks to years of studying its effect on humans, it is known that excessive alcohol consumption is bad for health.

But a new study found some links between alcohol consumption and positive heart health. Of course, there is a warning.

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The study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, found that consuming moderate amounts of alcohol was positive for people’s heart health, preventing heart disease.

The data examined 18,000 people over the age of 70 in America and Australia. The researchers found that participants who consumed between 51 and 150 grams of alcohol a week had a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to those who did not drink anything.

While it is safe to assume that moderate alcohol consumption is not bad for heart health, it is important to recognize that the study does not imply that drinking alcohol is good for preventing cardiovascular disease. Although a link was found, more research is needed in order to draw a clearer picture. The researchers also said most of the participants were healthy, meaning their results may not encapsulate those of the general population.

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Still, the data is quite interesting, especially when applied to an older demographic. Perhaps people who consume alcohol on a regular basis are less stressed and therefore more likely to have positive heart health, or perhaps alcohol can be used as a method of relaxation or as a way to bond with others. people.

Many questions remain, but as long as you drink in control and maintain a relatively healthy and active lifestyle, you should be fine.

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